Professional titles and diplomas


Professional qualifications are extremely important in Mexico. If you want to progress in the Mexican work environment you will need at least a professional diploma and – if possible – some additional qualifications.

Titles are very important in Mexico's culture. A title is not only a proof of your professional qualification but also states your place within Mexican society. If you have a professional title it is often common (and sometimes expected) that people will address you with your title (i.e. Doctor/a or Ingeniero/a) – even outside of your work environment.

Recognition of foreign qualifications in Mexico

If you have a professional qualification from abroad you need to make sure that your qualification is recognized in Mexico. You should contact your local Mexican embassy or consulate before you arrive in Mexico and ask them to officially authenticate your papers. Without this authentication your qualifications will not be accepted by the authorities in Mexico.

In some cases you will also need to prove your professional qualifications to apply for a work permit in Mexico. Some work permits, particularly those that state you are a technician or scientist, may require you to produce the relevant documentation relating to your professional qualification.

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