Research Universities in Holland

A combination of education and research

Research Universities in Holland

The Netherlands has a binary system of higher education, which consists of higher professional education and university education.

Higher professional education (in Dutch hoger beroepsonderwijs or HBO) is provided by universities of applied sciences. The universities of applied sciences focus on vocational qualifications and training. University education (in Dutch wetenschappelijk onderwijs or WO) is provided by 14 research universities. Research Universities in Holland combine education with academic research.

In terms of education, the Netherlands is a small country with a large impact.

  1. Third place worldwide in citation impact scores (impact 2003-2006), source NOWT 2008
  2. Second place worldwide in publication productivity, source NOWT 2008
  3. 11 Dutch research universities in the top 200 worldwide (THES 2009)
  4. Eighth worldwide in the number of patent applications, source WIPO 2007
  5. 12 Dutch research universities in the top 500 of the ARWU/Shanghai ranking (2009)
  6. Sixth worldwide in public-private partnerships in science, source NOWT 2008

Research Universities in Holland

The Dutch research universities’ integrated approach to teaching and research benefits both students and researchers. Traditionally open-minded and cosmopolitan, the research universities in Holland  attach great importance to cooperation and profit from excellent international connections.

The first university in the Netherlands was founded in Leiden in 1575 by prince William of Orange. Today the Netherlands has 13 research universities and one open university, all of which offer high-standard education and research.

There are three universities of technology, the universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente, and one university, the university of Wageningen, which focuses on agriculture and life sciences.

The remaining nine research universities are broad-based. There are eight university medical centres (UMCs) in the Netherlands, two of which are in Amsterdam and one each in Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Leiden, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

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