Study abroad in the Netherlands

Perks of having a Dutch education

Study abroad in the Netherlands

Choosing a country to study in is not always easy, but a diploma from a Dutch university could have many advantages. On top of living in a multicultural and lively country, its high quality education attracts many foreigner

Why the Netherlands?

The reputation of their education system

Dutch universities are known to have a high quality education that meets international standards, and if you are looking to work abroad graduating from the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, Utrecht University or Maastricht University  could be in your best interest. Since the degrees are internationally recognized, you will be graduating with a notable diploma that could increase your career prospects.

No Dutch knowledge? No problem!

Even though it is recommended to learn at least basic Dutch skills, many universities do teach certain programs in English, encouraging many foreigners to pursue their university education  in the Netherlands. There are over 2,100 English-taught programs, ranging from bachelor to doctorate degrees. However, if English is not your native language, it is required to have a TOEFL or IELTS certification ,  as the Netherlands has strict language requirements.

Put into practice your knowledge

Unlike many countries, the Dutch believe there is a lot more to studying than just theoretical knowledge. Instead of having large lectures, they often divide students in small classes, where they can participate in a more active way. Working in small groups allows the students to discuss and work together while sharing their ideas and opinions with the professor. This not only allows students to apply what they have learnt during the lessons, but it also allows them to have a stronger relation with their professors and to build international contacts.

Easy traveling

Of course, the Dutch universities’ should be the main reason you go study there. But if you are a travelbug, the cheap and easy trips you can make to many European countries might also drive you to go study there. It is located in the center of Western Europe, so it is easy to hop on a plane and to plan a weekend getaway. You can find some if the cheapest low-cost european flights that depart from cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Before you go

Visa requirements do not apply to everyone. However, if you are not a EU or EEA citizen, a VVR (student visa) and MMV (Provincial Residence Permit) are usually required, depending on your home country. Make sure to check out the conditions that apply to you .

Keep in mind that health insurance is mandatory to enroll in a university. If you won’t be working part-time during your studies and are not an EU, EEA or Switzerland citizen, your home country insurance will not cover you and you won’t be able to take out a Dutch healthcare insurance. 

You must then find an alternative coverage during your stay, such as taking a private health insurance. International insurance companies like Cigna Global offer international healthcare insurance , which will ensure that you are covered not only in the Netherlands, but also while traveling thanks to their large network in over 200 countries and jurisdictions.

Get a move on!

Deciding to pursue your studies in the Netherlands will be an unforgettable experience and certainly has its benefits. Just like the thousands of international students who have chosen the Netherlands as their destination, you can prepare your stay by choosing the right school for you and getting ready for your move!

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