Looking for a job in the Netherlands

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Looking for a job in the Netherlands

Looking for a job in the Netherlands? Wondering how to approach the Dutch labor market? Exploring how to keep your career attractive while living abroad? Here are some answers and tips for you! 

The Dutch labor market is all about networking. Most vacancies (70%) are filled before they are published. This means that most published vacancies statistically receive an average of 200 CVs. By then, it will be the hardest job in the world for you to stand out. Now what?

Approach the current Dutch labor market

The first step in standing out is to be ‘market ready’. You have to know your qualities, ambitions and the specific job you are aiming for. Your profile then needs to be translated into a two-page CV. The next step is to make a list of potential companies and/or products that interest you. At that point you start networking. In the Netherlands, networking is very common. Most people speak English and are willing to spend an hour talking about their work. Be prepared to connect and talk to many interesting people!

Connect with your potential network

In the Netherlands social media channels are strongly developed and widely used in professional networks. They contain a large amount of up to date information and most recruiters use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to find potential talent for their vacancies. They have no problem approaching you, so look professional and be approachable! You stand out by being market ready, by knowing your personal potential labor market and by making networking a fun and successful journey.

A successful career: the steps you need to take:

  1. Specify your profile: know your qualities. Know your ambitions. Know the specific job you are looking for.
  2. Develop your CV, LinkedIn profile and Twitter account.
  3. Start connecting with others using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. From friends and family to potential interesting networks.
  4. Make a list of companies and products that you’re interested in.
  5. Start networking to explore YOUR interests. Use social media and ‘live’ contact to get these networks going.
  6. Have fun along the way!
  7. Prepare yourself for a job interview.
  8. Keep your network alive and up to date for the rest of your career.

Guidance to make each step successful

Netherlands jobseeking Annelies Gallagher

My name is Annelies Gallagher and I am a career professional for internationals working or looking for work in the Netherlands. I truly believe that people can reach their full potential if they are committed to their qualities. I guide them in their search for these qualities and help them realize their plans and dreams. With a sense of humor, hands on mentality, honesty and dedication, I help people achieve their goals. My specialties are finding working using social media, CV building, networking in the current Dutch labor market, personal and professional development and personal marketing. I also translate resumes, Linkedin profiles or application letters into Dutch and vice versa.

Group sessions, individual consultations and e-coaching are possible.

Check out www.anneliesgallagher.nl  for more information.

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