Expat women’s groups

5 reasons to join

Expat women’s groups

So you’ve moved to the Netherlands and you’re not sure where to turn? You don’t speak the language, all your friends are back at home, and you’re not sure where anything is. 

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to meet new people in similar situations to you and make friends for life; or perhaps you want to meet people of different nationalities, start up a new hobby or find networking opportunities where you can mingle with fellow entrepreneurs.

Here are five reasons why you might like to consider joining an expat women’s group in the Netherlands.


Every person that joins a group like this is made for each other. Your incentive to join is likely to be for the same reasons: you don’t know anyone in your new country and you want to make friends. You are all in the same situation so it is inevitable that you’ll connect with the members on the same issues, and that’s a recipe for long-term friendships.

There are a number of groups which target a specific group of expat women in the Netherlands, usually dependent on where you are from, this is especially helpful for those who are feeling a little homesick.


You may have come to live in the Netherlands to advance your career. Whether you are an entrepreneur, seeking partnerships or you want to expand your network, there are groups for this purpose too.


There are a number of expat women’s groups that meet for specific reasons. Whether your passion is cookery, craft, art or yoga, joining a group is a great way to meet new people while pursuing and developing your hobby. This is also a great excuse to try out a new hobby.


As an expat mother, you may want to find out the inside gossip from where to find the best day care centres, nurseries and schools to locating the nearest grocery store. A women’s group will have members who will have been through these troubles before, and who are keen to share their advice. You can discover little shortcuts and alternative options that only a well-trodden local would know about.


Joining an expat women’s group doesn’t mean you have to be grouped with people from your native country. For those who want to experience different cultures and perspectives, there are groups which aim to attract a host of different nationalities.

Here are some groups to get you started:

  • The American Netherlands Club of Rotterdam  - This club is for english-speaking women of all nationalities in the Netherlands. They encourage friendship between women whilst also actively supporting women’s rights.
  • American Women’s Club of Amsterdam  - The members refer to themselves as “International Americans” who embrace life. The club is a “fun, friendly and supportive environment” where lifelong friendships are built whilst embracing the Dutch culture together.
  • AWC The Hague  - Social and educational activities for women from several different countries who share a common affinity for the United States. They encourage making friends through engaging in philanthropic and community service projects in The Hague region, throughout the Netherlands and in the larger global community.
  • Connecting Women  - This group is an international and diverse community that encourages opportunities for professional and personal growth. There are monthly workshops which enable networking opportunities and opportunities to cultivate new skills.
  • Crafty Expat Ladies in Holland  - This group welcomes expat ladies that would like to make some friends while embracing their crafty nature.
  • English Language Bond of Women (ELBOW)  - This group encourages English-speaking natives living in Dordrecht to meet in an informal and social environment.
  • International Women’s Club Eindhoven  - Organise daytime and evening activities to encourage networking opportunities for english-speaking women in Eindhoven.

Alessia’s mum was a member of an expat women’s group when she first moved to the Netherlands. She says “Joining a women’s expat group allowed me to transition my family into our new lives in a new country without all of the stress and headaches. I have no clue what I would have done if I did not have the support. I am still friends with many of the members now even though majority of us have moved away”.


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