Removal companies

Choosing a removal company

Removal companies

A common question asked is, "what is a real difference between the service offered by the expensive and cheaper companies?"

There is an old story in the business that says, 'cheaper companies throw all the stuff in the back of a van and then out again at the other end, breaking half of it in the process. More expensive companies wait until you are not looking and..." In the real world you need to consider what really happens; your furniture is carried out of a house, placed in a vehicle and later unloaded and placed in the new house. It's not rocket science!

Let's face it, what everyone wants is a reliable, efficient, friendly service. A company that arrives on time, doesn't break your treasured dinner service, is courteous and deliver your worldly possessions in one piece at the agreed time. Surprisingly, smaller or family-run firms tend to be better at this. You have to consider whether your washing machine will feel happier in an expensive removal van from a big company?

What do you need?

The first thing you need to work out is what you are really looking for. Some companies offer complete dismantling services, cleaning services, pet transfer and other more exotic services. You will end up paying for these services! If you just want to move house and are not looking for a gold-plated delivery van, you have a wide choice. Before you start looking for a company, decide what level of service you actually need. Then your search begins...

Where to look

Adverts in magazines, newspapers and yellow pages are good starting points. You can use search engines such as Google or Yahoo to find companies. Once you have a list you can begin your selection process. Price is obviously a key criterion, as well as the attitude of the person who takes your call! Personal recommendations are best, you can also find a number of Internet forums where you can ask others on line for their moving experiences. These forums can be very illuminating with many honest comments on the quality of service.

Research is the key here. I have yet to find a single company that states, "we will be late and break your goods!" Everyone claims to have an excellent service, but our experience shows that 90% of removal companies really do provide good service. The only real question is how much should I pay?


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