New Zealand Internet

How to get online in New Zealand

New Zealand Internet

New Zealand is highly Internet-orientated. There are numerous Internet service providers, mainly based in the large cities. Among these providers are Telecom’s Jetstream xtra and TelstraClear’s

Most companies offer broadband via ISDN or ADSL. However, this is not always available everywhere in New Zealand. There is also the possibility to get mobile internet.

Prices are rather competitive. Limited free access (two hours per month) is available from a few dollars per month or unlimited access from around $30 NZD per month.

To set up a connection, you can call the company of your choice or arrange it online. Providers will ask you to sign a contract that may last up to two years. Some providers may charge you installation fees. You need a landline if you want to have internet by Telecom NZ, you need to have a landline from them. If you don’t have this and you don’t want to get it, you might choose to go for mobile internet.

Internet Cafes and Free Wireless Internet

New Zealand offers a great selection of Internet cafes providing fast and convenient Internet connections. This website offers listings of Internet cafes in New Zealand  and other public areas to find an Internet connection.

There are also a lot of coffee shops, restaurants and libraries which offer free WIFI connections to customers.

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