New Zealand telecommunications

How to make calls in New Zealand

New Zealand telecommunications

New Zealand has a good, efficient telecommunications infrastructure. Although some regions of the country lack service due to their remoteness.

The telecommunications market is dominated by Telecom New Zealand. There are also some other providers in the market such as Orcon, TelstraClear and Vodafone New Zealand, but Telecom New Zealand leads the market by far.

How to make a phone call

New Zealand’s country code is “64”. When calling New Zealand from abroad, you must also dial the area code (without the “0”).

For example: 00 + 64 + city area code + local number

If you want to call abroad from New Zealand, you must dial “00” followed by the country code of the country you call to.

For example: 00 + country code + city area code + local number

Phone numbers in New Zealand have 7 digits and one additional area code. New Zealand has different area codes for different cities:

  • Auckland: 9
  • Christchuch: 3
  • Dunedun: 3
  • Hamilton: 7
  • Howick: 9
  • Invercargill: 3
  • Napier: 6
  • Nelson: 3
  • New Plymouth: 6
  • Palmeston North: 6
  • Rotorua: 7
  • Tauranga: 7
  • Timaru: 3
  • Wellington: 4
  • Westport: 3

Calling mobile phones from a landline in New Zealand can be done by dialing the prefix “02”.

For example: 02 + mobile phone number.

Toll-free and local rate numbers

Toll-free numbers in New Zealand begin with 0508 or 0800.

Service numbers

Numbers beginning with 01 are for operator services.

  • 010 National Operator
  • 018 National Directory Service
  • 0170 International Operator
  • 0172 International Directory Service

The '1' codes are used for local services. The emergency services number is '111'.

  • 111 Emergency Services Operator (all telephones)
  • 112 Emergency Services Operator for GSM Mobiles (only)

Premium services

Premium services in New Zealand include mostly adult services. Premium numbers in New Zealand start with “0900”. Check the rate for the call since premium can be very costly.

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