Contracts and wages

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Contracts and wages

Like in many other countries, in Nicaragua it’s essential to have a work permit in order to get a job; unfortunately, in order to get a work permit, you need to have a job...

In order for a company to hire you, they need to present a letter explaining why they are unable to hire a Nicaraguan for the vacancy. Because of this, the process can be long, taking up to three months or more, and requires a great deal of patience.

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If a company wants to hire you, their lawyer will have to submit a detailed offer of employment to the Ministry of Labour, which shows the salary being offered and an explanation as to why they cannot hire a Nicaraguan for the position. In this case, the Nicaraguan work permit will be dependent on the employer’s sponsorship because it confirms that you will be earning money during your stay in the country. The application process can be tedious.


Typical wages in Nicaragua are significantly lower than those in other countries throughout Europe or North America, unless you are being paid as an expat through a foreign company. It goes without saying that the cost of living in Nicaragua is also lower.The average Nicaraguan earns around €175 per month, and between €450 and €700 with a college degree. The high-end tends to be occupied by individuals employed by the government. Most private sector jobs pay college graduates in the lower end of the spectrum.

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