Work permits

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Work permits

The process of obtaining a work permit in Nicaragua can be quite a hassle, so if you choose to apply for one have some patience!

In order for a company to hire you, they need to present a letter explaining why they are unable to hire a Nicaraguan for the vacancy. Because of this, the process can be long - up to three months or more - and requires a great deal of patience.

The company you work for must ‘sponsor’ you for the duration of your contract. This works well for full-time employees, but if you are looking to do contractual work you should read our guide on ‘umbrella companies’.  


To get a Nicaraguan work permit you need a:

  • filled in work permit form;
  • copy of your biodata and stamped pages of your passport, or proof of when you entered the country;
  • a letter written by the company or organisation that you will work for, directed at the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería(Directorate General of Immigration) in which they state the following:
    • where in the company you will work;
    • the requested contract duration;
    • a promise that the company will take care of your livelihood while you work for them;
    • that you will leave the country once the contract is terminated
    • that the company will notify the Directorate General of Immigration once this happens.
  • the Testimonio del Acta de Constitución de la Empresa (Articles of Incorporation of the Company) and an accreditation of the legal representative, both checked by a notary;
  • your employment contract validated by the Ministry of Labour;
  • evidence issued by the Ministry of Labour that your employer conforms with labour code 14 (90% of the employer's workforce has to be Nicaraguan);
  • pay all the associated fees.

You are not allowed to work until your application has been approved by the immigration office  (migración y extranjería) and the Ministry of Labour. The work permit issued is tied to the employer that wrote the legal representation. Once that permit has expired, or you have left the company, you do not have permission to work for anyone else. In order to be employed with another company, you have to go through the entire application procedure again.

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