Foreign retirees

Twilight paradise

Foreign retirees

Ask any foreign retiree in Nicaragua about paradise and they will tell you, "I'm living in it.", and the country has even been ranked as one of the best places to retire. Nicaragua is also one of the cheapest places to live in the world, so you can even retire early and live off of your savings.

Foreign retirees in Nicaragua enjoy a host of privileges:

  • No tax on international income
  • Renewable 5-year residency permits
  • Duty free transport of household goods (up to $20,000)
  • No sales tax on materials to build up business
  • No import tax or protective tariff on car imports
  • Ability to import automobile every 5 years

With the privileges, however, come some restrictions bound to your retiree-residency:

  • Retirees cannot be employed in industrial or commercial business
  • Retirees cannot be paid in Nicaraguan córdobas

Retirees can get an exception from these restrictions by consulting the Ministry of Economy and Industry under the following circumstances:

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