Payments and withdrawals

Credit cards, debit cards and ATMs

Payments and withdrawals

There are many different ways to transfer and access your money in Norway. You should consider the possible options and choose the most convenient method which may be credit and debit card withdrawal, online money transfers or giros.

It is important to note that cheques are no longer accepted in Norway. However, there are plenty of faster and more effective ways to carry out your transactions.

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Norway at large establishments and hotels. If you own a Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express card you should be able to pay practically anywhere. However, many supermarkets and gas stations do not accept credit cards.

If you decide to pay with a credit card make sure you know all the pros and the cons when using this form of payment. By using a credit card, you will not have to pay the fees that are otherwise applicable when exchanging money or paying by travellers' cheques. However, your bank may charge you commission or bank fees.

ATMs in Norway

Many Norwegian banks provide you with an ordinary debit card that can be used at any cash point (ATM). If you withdraw money at an ATM owned by your own bank, you will probably not be charged for the transaction.

‘Mini-Banks’ (the Norwegian name for ATMs) are found adjacent to many banks and around busy public places, such as shopping centres. You will be able to withdraw money from most of them by using an international credit card such as MasterCard or Visa. Some will also allow you to withdraw money in other European currencies. Most ATMs will also give you a cash advance through your Visa or MasterCard.

Travellers' cheques

Travellers' cheques are widely accepted in Norway. If you cash them in an exchange bureau or in a bank, you will not be charged, but anywhere else probably will charge you a fee. You can also exchange travellers' cheques in hotels, major post offices and travel agencies, but the exchange rates will be lower.

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