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Internet connections

Internet connection has been available in Oman since January 1997. The official Internet provider is GTO, the Sultanate of Oman's General Telecommunications Organization.

Dial-up access

Postpaid and prepaid access cards offer a username and a password which provide a fixed number of Internet hours. The postpaid dial-up service offered by Omantel costs around 3 R.O ($8) per month plus 0.180 R.O. ($0.47) for every hour of use.

Broadband access

ADSL services in Oman were launched in 2005. The service is provided by Omantel, the only ISP option in Oman.

Packages available for home users:

  • 512 kbit/s (0 GB bundled): costs 12 R.O. ($32) plus 1 R.O ($2.6) per gigabyte. No extra charge is calculated after downloading 27 GB which equals 39 R.O ($102) monthly.
  • 1 Mbit/s (2 GB bundled): costs 19 R.O. ($50) plus 1 R.O. ($2.6) per extra gigabyte.
  • 2 Mbit/s (5 GB bundled): costs 29 R.O. ($76) plus 1 R.O. ($2.6) per extra gigabyte.
  • 4 Mbit/s (10 GB bundled): costs 39 R.O. ($102) plus 1 R.O. ($2.6) per extra gigabyte.
  • 8 Mbit/s (unlimited access): costs 99 R.O. ($258).


EDGE and 3G

Both of the mobile services companies, Omanmobile and Nawras offer Internet access through their EDGE networks. Nawras has offered a 3G network since December 2007 with a download speed of 1 MB. Omanmobile is also offering high speed 3G coverage.

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