Phone line providers

A one company monopoly

Phone line providers

Telecommunication services in Oman are provided by Omantel. The company has a monopoly on the land-line telephone and Internet markets.

The Omani government own 70% of Omantel. Its arm, Oman Mobile  is the main provider of mobile services in the country along side Nawras, which has operated in the market since 2008.

Installing a fixed phone line in Oman is not an expensive business. Omantel offers its fixed line customers a single tariff of 7.9 Omani Rial (~$20) a month for all local calls within Oman. The company has different offers and phone packages that can be easily checked through the Omantel official website . In order to install a fixed phone line, you need to go to one of Omantel’s service counters and fill in the designated form.

In Oman, there are two mobile communication providers. The main provider is Oman Mobile . The cheapest plans are for calling to other Oman Mobile and/or Omantel customers. The prices are set per call rather than per minute, which makes long calls cheap within Oman. Nawras  is the second mobile communication provider in Oman. Unlike Oman Mobile, most of their plans have a tariff by the minute but the price is cheaper than Oman Mobile.

Remember if you tend to have very long phone calls, Oman Mobile will be cheaper. However, when choosing a mobile phone provider, the most important thing to remember is to check what provider the majority of your contacts have. That will make your mobile experience cheaper.

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