The job market

Employment prospects

The job market

The Philippines is a newly industrialized nation, and as such, the Philippine economy has moved from one based on agriculture to being based more on services and manufacturing.

The country didn’t suffer as badly as some of its Asian neighbours in the economic crisis, and since 2004 unemployment has been falling, the official figure for 2010 was 7.3%.

The majority of expats arrive in the Philippines with a job already lined-up. Such a situation simplifies the visa process greatly as your company will sponsor your working permit. If you are job searching within the country, priority is often given to able bodied Filipinos over expats, unless the expat has a very developed or desirable skill.

Expats who don’t have employment before entering the country are free to work in certain areas, the ease in which you find a job will depend on your qualifications and where are you looking. Popular job markets for expats are language teaching and call centres.

As a rule salaries are increasing in the Philippines in line with economic growth. However, IT professionals, tech support workers and call centre support should expect much lower salaries on average than in Australia, The US, Canada, and Europe.

There are quite a few options for expats wanting to work in the Philippines and Just Landed has compiled advice and resources to help you. The key to finding legitimate work is research and persevere!

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