Getting a phone line

How to get a landline in the Philippines

Getting a phone line

Using a landline is not very popular in the Philippines as the majority of the population use mobile phones. However, if you want to have a fixed landline, there are a number of companies that offer telephone services.

Only 50 per cent of the fixed-line capacity has been utilised so far in the Philippines. Telecom networks are available all over the county, but some remote rural areas will not have access to some of these services.

The biggest telephone company in the Philippines is the Philippine Long Distance Telephone or PLDT Company. There are also other telephone providers such as Globe, Digitel and Bayantel. By visiting their websites you can evaluate their offers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The monthly service fee for a basic landline connection is about PHP680 (12€ or $16) and the installation fee is PHP 2000 (34€ or $46).

Getting a landline telephone

To apply for a landline telephone an expat must provide some documents:

  • proof of billing such as water and electric bills, income tax return and related documents
  • valid ID
  • identification to ensure the capability of the applicant to pay for the phone service requested.

To have a phone lock on an expat's landline is very important so that phone abuse will be prevented. Inquire with the telephone company regarding this phone feature, which is usually free of charge.

Phone books in the Philippines are usually available and free of charge from the telephone company whose services an expat is acquiring. An online telephone directory service is also available.

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