Internet connection

How to get an Internet connection at home

Internet connection

Broadband Internet is now available in most of the Philippines’ cities. Unless you are living in remote parts of the countryside, you won’t have problems getting an Internet connection.

In major cities in the Philippines you'll not only find broadband, but also free WiFi connections. It is available in many locations such as the metro and shopping malls. However, Internet reliability in the Philippines is still far from the standards you may be used to in your home country, generally due to frequent power outages.

Application for Internet connection

Before applying for the Internet you should check which Internet services are available at your address. Next step is to choose your provider:

  • Cable Internet (64 kbit/s) providers are: ZPDee Cable, Global Destiny Cable and Parasat "Cable21", Caceres "C3", Skyline "Cheetah", USATV1, Viacomm, Aeronet and KwikNET and ComClark (384 kbit/s).
  • DSL Internet starting at 128 kbit/s up to 5 Mbit/s is provided by: PLDT, BayanTel, Globe Telecom and Eastern Telecom (ETPI).

You may apply for Internet connection through any of these channels:

  • Internet provider’s website
  • Internet provider’s store
  • Internet provider’s hot-line (some providers)
  • authorized agent (some providers).

The general requirements to get an Internet connection are:

  • any valid ID: driver’s license, passport, company ID, or major credit card
  • Proof of billing address if the installation address is different from the billing address
  • service fee equivalent to one monthly service fee (some Internet providers)
  • proof of rental contract if client is renting the house (some Internet providers)

Information on rates, contract types, fees and offers are available on web pages of Internet providers. Here are some average tariffs:

  • 3 Mbps DSL subscription with unlimited use of wireless Internet including a landline telephone: PHP 2.500 (€42)/month
  • 2 Mbps DSL subscription with unlimited use of wireless Internet: PHP 2000 (€34)/month
  • 512 kpbs DSL subscription with unlimited use of wireless Internet: PHP 1000 (€16)/month
  • 256 kpbs DSL subscription with unlimited use of wireless Internet: PHP 700 (€12)/month

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