Filipino citizenship

How to acquire citizenship

Filipino citizenship

If you were not born in the Philippines or your parents are not Filipino you can still apply for citizenship providing you meet a number of criteria.

There are several criteria required in order for a foreign person to become naturalized as a Filipino citizen. If you weren’t born in the Philippines and your parents are not Filipinos then you will have to meet these criteria in order to apply for citizenship:

  • Be over 21 years of age on the day of the petition
  • Have lived in the Philippines for at least a 10 year continuous period
  • Be of good moral character and support the Philippine constitution
  • Have a minimum of P5,000 in real estate, money or have a lucrative job
  • Must be able to speak or read English, Spanish or one of the other main languages of the country
  • If the applicant has minor children they must have been enrolled in a school recognized by the Bureau of Education.

Depending on your situation there are three main routes to becoming a naturalized Filipino citizen.

1. The courts - if you are a foreigner who has married a Filipino then a judicial process will allow you to become a Filipino citizen.
2. The Office of the Solicitor General - the OSG has the power to approve petitions for naturalization. The processing fee is around P40,000.
3. An act of congress - if you have made a significant contribution to public life in the Philippines your application to become naturalized can be sponsored by a senator or congressman.

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