Getting started

Telephone providers in Poland

Getting started

The telephone market in Poland is dominated by TP S.A. (Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.), which used to be the monopoly provider and still has a majority of the market for lines in Poland. However, there are competitors, including Netia, Dialog, UPC and Crowley, offering similar services.

Prices for fixed line connections in Poland have significantly dropped over the last years. There are many special offers and promotions available, often including free minutes bundles and flat rates. The best options are usually combined contracts from one provider including telephone and Internet.

Phone connections are usually very good and problems with network availability are rare.

Getting a phone line in Poland

To get connected you will need to contact a telephone provider via phone or just go to one of their customer service points. Signing up for a phone connection is usually a very straightforward process. Once the order is made, the provider checks the availability of the connection for your address and after about 14 days you will be able to make the first call.

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