Internet access

How to get an internet connection at home

Internet access

In the last few years, Internet services in Poland have been booming. There are many different providers offering Internet access and quite often 2 in 1 deals (land line and Internet).

National Internet access providers include Chello, Crowley Data Poland, Netia and TP Internet. Their services are available everywhere in Poland. Apart from these companies there are smaller, local Internet service providers, so it is worth comparing tariff plans.

Every provider has its own tariff structures and offers various services to its clients. The quality is reasonable and there are often special promotions. Most Poles are now using broadband connections so dial-up services are now uncommon.

To get connected you will need to contact one of the ISP’s by phone or go to one of their customer service points. Once the order is made, the provider checks the possibility of getting connected at your location and after about 14 days you should be able to use the Internet.

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