Calling abroad

How to save money on international calls

Calling abroad

Using your mobile phone to make international calls from Portugal will cost you a lot of money. You should look into cheaper alternatives such as calling cards, international talk plans and the internet.

International calling cards (Cartões Telefônicos Pré-pagos para Ligações Telefônicas Internacionais) are an excellent way to make economical calls abroad. They are widely available at internet cafés, phone shops and many other retailers. Portugal Telecom (PT) offer a wide selection of calling cards that are specially designed to call different countries and continents.

International talk plans

Making international calls from a fixed-line telephone can often cost as much as calling from a mobile. If you wish to call abroad from your home phone it is worthwhile subscribing to an international talk plan.

PT offer a selection of international talk plans with reduced prices to all continents. You can choose the plan that best suits you on their website . 

Altice  offer an excellent service to the expat community. For around €25 per month you can call abroad for free.

Making calls via the internet

If you and your family and friends have access to the internet be sure to download a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) such as Skype . Calls between Skype users are free. Calls can also be made from Skype to land lines and mobile phones at a competitive rate.

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