Making Calls

Dialling codes and Prefixes in Portugal

Making Calls

Portugal is no different from most other countries when it comes to making calls. When calling abroad or to another part of the country you will need to include the appropriate prefix to the number you wish to call.

The country code for Portugal is +00351

When calling into Portugal from abroad you must include the right regional prefix, which should be added immediately after the country code. E.g., to call Porto from abroad you need to dial +351+22.

When calling a different region within Portugal, you will also need to dial the respective regional prefix. Unlike some countries, you do not need to dial 0 before the regional code.

Here are some useful regional prefixes:

Aveiro 234

Braga 253

Chaves 276

Coimbra 239

Évora 266

Faro 289

Lisboa 21

Porto 22

Vila Real 259

Mobile phone numbers carry the prefix 9. To call a mobile in Portugal from abroad dial +351 9 + client number.

Useful numbers

Make a note of these useful numbers:

  • Emergency services 112
  • Portuguese Directory Enquiries 118
  • International Directory Enquiries 117

Premium numbers: You will pay premium rate for calling numbers beginning with 6. Phone numbers with the prefix 707 will cost you €0.25 cents per minute.

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