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  • Introduction
    “We were a good team of that I am convinced, and it was this team spirit more than anything that ultimately got Tenzing and me to the summit.”

    This quote by Sir Edmund Hillary, on conquering Mount Everest in 1953, epitomizes the importance of teamwork in achieving an extraordinary goal. As in the business of recruiting and search, this cooperation between climbers and guides, along with their shared vision, thorough planning and preparation ensures an expedition’s success. Everest Resources & Management Sdn. Bhd. applies Hillary's philosophy in enabling you to achieve your recruitment and staffing needs.

    Established in 2007, Everest is a successful search practice dedicated to working as your partner to recruit the best in the business and to take your company to new heights. We have built strong bonds of trust with our clients ranging from owner-managed ventures to multinational corporations across Asia. Everest’s team of professionals is equipped with the expertise and resources to source and secure highly qualified individuals in various areas ranging from; Manufacturing, Construction, Service, Agriculture and Ghurkha Security Guards, to all security Services. Explore how efficient, effective and economical staffing can be with Everest as your partner in success

    Company Overview
    Founded in 2006, Everest Resources & Management Sdn. Bdh. is a dynamic search practice dedicated to helping you select and manage your most valuable resource: people.

    The job of securing good people has never been more challenging. As global competition for human resources continues to grow and a generation of Baby Boomers gets set to retire, a new reality looms: there will be more job vacancies than qualified people to fill them. The changing marketplace demands that our role as professional recruiters must also evolve to master these challenges. At Everest, we continue to raise the bar in our efforts to secure the most qualified candidates for you.

    As experts in the recruitment industry, we serve clients ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to multinational corporations. Our diverse team of professionals demonstrates a wealth of academic and business experience, to ensure your unique needs are met.

    As seasoned search practitioners, we have the expertise, research capabilities and resources to respond effectively to your needs. Our guiding principles of integrity, innovation and unparalleled client service deliver results.

    Make Everest your business partner, and you will benefit from our values and our vision. We have the team and the tools to identify, assess and attract the talent who will contribute significantly to your success.
    Everest Resources & Management is committed to be your partner in the supply of quality foreign manpower to meet workplace labour needs from the point of application to Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN), KHEDN governmental processing and till the arrival of workers.

    Backed by years of Human Resource executive search experience, the team believes in working closely as partners with each and every client. Each assignment is designed to assist, clients achieve their strategic mission and business objectives. Through detailed understanding of our clients' manpower requirements, we are able to identify, recruit and facilitate successful placements within a short time frame.

    Our search methodology, which has been developed and refined over the years, is unique in the industry. Everest processes are a reflection of our extensive corporate experience. This is further enhanced by our industry experience and qualified Consultants, who add value to the working relationships.
    Mission & Philosophy
    The cornerstone of successful recruiting begins with understanding your corporate culture, mission and core values. At Everest, we take the time to do this with our clients in order to fully appreciate your “story”. We believe that the better we know what you stand for, the more effective we will be in sourcing, identifying and evaluating the exceptional people who will share your vision, and help drive your organization to new standards of success.

    We believe the business of recruiting is not only about gathering names. It is about being on the same team as our clients; ensuring our search efforts are in alignment with your business objectives. The process for every assignment begins with an in-depth consultation, which includes an exploration of your immediate and future needs. We also examine your work environment, management style and corporate culture. In this way we grow to understand all aspects of your business. In essence, this insight positions us to become your strategic staffing partner giving our professionals the tools they need to effectively search for, identify, evaluate and deliver the best candidates for the job – and the best fit for your organization.

    This comprehensive service has an added value – it reinforces your commercial brand in the marketplace to candidates across a variety of disciplines. Make Everest your strategic staffing partner and we will act as an extension of your company by securing the best people to propel your organization to new heights of competitiveness.
    Throughout the years, the quality and excellent manpower from Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam had increased significantly the demand for labours from those countries. We have been able to grow and build successful partnerships together with our partners in these countries through its quality labours.

    Everest Resources has excellent strategic partners in several Asian countries. Specially in Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and Indonesia. Our strategic partners are manned by qualified consultants with extensive cross-cultural experience who work in partnership with clients throughout the contractual period.
    "We always concentrate on Quality and Time"
    Everset Resources & Management is one of the leading well-established manpower Supply Agencies established in 2007 with the consent from the Government of Malaysia (License No…..), the corporation has successfully worked with reputable organizations in the Middle-East and South-East Asia, and has recruited talents in all sectors of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled worker based on clients Industry, location and requirements.

    We have a new fully equipped excellent business center with well-trained, qualified and experienced management team to provide ongoing professional, efficient and reliable services to our clients. ERM maintains a continuous link with the best Companies, Suppliers and Manpower Supply Agencies in Nepal, Middle-East and Sount-East Asia. Despite this, a comprehensive and rigorous tests and interviews are conducted on their medical, academic, experiences and capabilities. Only those who are well trained, skilled, honest and with incontestable integrity are considered for recommendation to the employers.

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