Dress code

  • I am a female moving to Doha and wanted to know how western women dress over there? Is it true that showing your arms is frowned upon?

    30 May 2006, 12:45 Anonymous
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  • culture

    no , it's not true you can dress as you want it's free for the western women .
    enjoy your trip

    Anonymous 04 Jul 2006, 02:10 - Report
  • Woman dress

    Actually, yo can't dress that you want. It's not a law to dress like muslim woman, but you must use "modest" dress, and cover your legs and shoulders.

    Anonymous 17 Jul 2006, 07:33 - Report
  • How should I dress?

    I'm a South African girl of twelve and I may be moving to Qatar at the end of next year. So how should we dress? Please reply as quickly as possible!

    S.A. girl

    Anonymous 22 Jul 2006, 03:00 - Report
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  • clothes

    im a qatari female replaying to u all about the clothing.. u r free to wear whaever u want... but it will be nice to respect our cuture and religon by wearing aproperiate cloths..

    there isnt any code or restriction. no one will say any singel word to u.. fell free happy and enjoy it

    Anonymous 30 Aug 2006, 11:29 - Report
  • dress code

    the qataris are good people, they usually cover up from head to toe(as is their custom), but they dont require that you do the same.

    we see westerners dressed in sleeveless tops and shorts walking around the malls, and thats okay, too. (though i wonder sometimes, dont they feel the cold? its freezing inside the malls).

    it would be better to wear a tshirt and knee length clothes, more out of respect to other people and to avoid the stares. ( majority of low-paid labourers, especially from pakistan, bangladesh, srilanka,and nepal are living the life of bachelors, and is it fair to them if you flaunt it?)

    Anonymous 13 Oct 2006, 03:57 - Report
  • dress code for asian ladies

    is there any particular dress code ("abaya"blunk for the working ladies?

    gem 13 Feb 2007, 03:12 - Report
  • carry Bible to Qatar

    I am a Christian gentleman in India, I would like to move to Qatar, next month for Job. I would like to know, is there any restriction to carry my Bible along with me for my personal use?

    Jose 23 Feb 2007, 06:57 - Report
  • swimwear

    Hi. Im a 20 yearold girl and i will be moving to Qatar in a few months. Could someone tell me smth about the swimwear? happy ive heard that wearing a bikini at a beach is not a very good idea. is that true? I mean there r such beautiful beaches and i wont be able to go taning while i live there? happy

    dawn 23 May 2007, 06:08 - Report
  • clothing

    Thanx for the info on clothing, was a little unsure myself.
    Going shopping tomorrow on my own for the first time, I will be getting a taxi back home, will I be safe?

    Jo 24 Jun 2007, 06:54 - Report
  • clothing

    well....ive been livin here for past 10 years lol....and from what i know, there are no restrictions on what you should wear....its all right.... if you needed ny help here round, jst mail me at:

    [email removed]

    nd dnt ask y thts my email blunk

    anason 02 Aug 2007, 02:50 - Report
  • to Jo

    what the hell man... lol, ya u'll be safe

    anason 02 Aug 2007, 02:51 - Report
  • safe

    Your right lol, been here since June and feel very safe!! Wear what I like and love the place, the people and the shopping, thanx x

    Jo 14 Aug 2007, 02:07 - Report
  • bikini's and dress

    To the woman wondering about bikinis the beaches are beautiful but be warned the good ones are attached to hotels and resorts and usually require you to join their beach clubs before you'll be allowed to use them. These usually cost a small fortune. Wearing a bikini is ok but be prepared to attract a certain amount of unwanted attention its the same with dress, wear what you like just be prepared for a certain amount of staring you get used to it to the point were you dont notice.Again have respect for the culture and they will respect you.

    Expat Cat 18 Aug 2007, 10:01 - Report
  • how to dress

    i am going for a job in qatar, and have found it very interesting to read about what to wear, etc. is it the same with hair, dont wish to sound ignorant, but do they mind short hair. also they have asked for a photo before talking to me. is this normal? thanks in advance

    penny 13 Jan 2008, 04:00 - Report
  • dress

    thats not true these western women dress very nasty and sluty as well as the phillopenos. Its a shamed that we see all of these muslim women dressed modestle not even showing there faces and these nasty women come here with no respect for other peoples country and religion and dress so unappropriately. Thats why we have so much rape and mulistationn in the world because these people are seeing all this skin and people are becoming purverded. Keep the shayton Devil away from muslim countries leave that where you come from have respect for our religion. I am from the west US Los Angales California. Born and raised I just got here and I can finally cover my body from head to toe and not worry about anyone staring at me or trying to do something o me cause im trying to obey my lord all the believing women should cover there body to not be annoyed or harrased by men take head. Stop being naked it not cute.

    aishah 16 Jan 2008, 10:36 - Report
  • Go for it

    Sexy is best

    Free will 15 Feb 2008, 05:04 - Report
  • Hear It From Me

    Hi, I'm a Qatari girl, I'm an English teacher. I'm very open-minded, I've been to Europe and Aisa and I know how Erouian and American woman wear and I have nothing against it. BUT..
    - Qatar is an Islamic country and wearing revealing clothes are not appropriate.
    - Showing affection such as french kissing or making out is a big no-no!!
    - Just think what a nun wouldn't like and don't don it LOL JK!!!
    - Other than that u can just relax and have fun and don't feel antimidated by Qatari woman they won't bite ( i notice that most of Eru and Amr. woman aviod eye contact and sort of keep their eyes on their kids when we are around ! don't worry ppl look at ur kids cuz they are cute! happy.

    Any more requests u can e-amil me on [email removed]
    I would love to make freinds i REALLY need to practice my language.. don't worry i can speak english, you won't have to tutor me !!!

    C YA

    Queen L 16 Feb 2008, 06:28 - Report

    Carrying ur bible is OK

    Bikkini is not

    i wouldn't know about a taxi at night.. Qatar used to be one of the safest countries but in recent years alot of single, poor workes coming as builders and stuff and they are causing all sorts of troubles.. just 2 weeks ago i was walking home from the beauty salon and a worker was chasing me in a company pick up and even got another worker to help i was almost kidnapped!!!

    Queen L 16 Feb 2008, 06:36 - Report
  • To Aisha

    I cannot believe you are from the USA. Had you been, you would see that in our country, you can wear whatever you want no matter how weird it looks. We tolerate you, but do not expect to tolerate us. We have prayer rooms for Muslims and it is good. I am glad we do, but it is wrong to refer to Westerners as sluts and bad people. People like you create tension and animosity, and you need to use a spell check, your speling is terrible for someone supposidly brought up in the USA

    Karen 01 Mar 2008, 04:30 - Report
  • Arabics gyus have NO respect for ANY women

    I am from Rio and as soon I arrived in Doha I was "bodered" by arabic men. The cars sales atendent which sold to my husband our car and have seen me just once (and I was very well covered)got my home and mobile number and send me lots of very unaproprieted mesages. And he was only the first of many bad Arabic behaviors that I went though. I fell so sorry for their muslian wives. I was wondering if they know what kind of man they have at home. This kind of abuse NEVER happened in my country. I really would like to go back home, Doha is sooooooo boring.

    Bruna 16 Apr 2008, 09:14 - Report
  • teacher

    hy! i am a teacher and live in Europe. My boy-friend found a job in Doha. Is it ok if we are not married and live together? And what about mypossibility to find a job as a teacher? Regards

    wheat 16 Apr 2008, 03:58 - Report
  • Reply to Bruna

    Hi Bruna,

    Noticed in your post that you're finding Doha borning?! I've lived in Brazil and Portugal, and I'm due to move over to Qatar this summer - just wondered why you think it's not a good place to live?!


    CTC 21 Apr 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • Hi Every one

    my maternal uncle in going to Qatar Doha in next few weeks. He is coming from Pakistan. will any 1 Add my ID and Mail me some traditions of QATAR. espacially ANYONE from DOHA........

    MY ID IS
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    Plz people i need ur help to help my maternal uncle.......

    Muhammad Yasir 26 May 2008, 03:13 - Report
  • Bussines suit in Doha at 41˚C


    I'm coming to Doha for some business meetings next week. I can't get away of not wearing a business suit. How is being in a suit at 41˚C. Any suggestions?
    I'll also have a day of extra time in Doha do you have any suggestions on what to do here for a day

    Peter 07 Jun 2008, 02:14 - Report
  • hi

    i hv got a job offer in doha, can anyone tell me hw is it working in doha, i will b working for a bank in personal loan dept, i hd worked in abudhabi, is doha same like abudhabi in terms infrastructure. what will b the cost of living there for a bachelor,

    sunil 11 Jun 2008, 05:55 - Report


    JACOB 27 Jun 2008, 06:14 - Report
  • elo qatar!

    hi every1! im catholic male frm philippines. im coming in doha this coming aug 10 for work. can some body help me to tell how would be the life in doha. thanks every1... hope to see you in doha.

    jonathan 18 Jul 2008, 06:13 - Report
  • should we get married first

    to pimpin_aint_easy
    my boyfriend and i just got our job offer for doha, we really wanted to save as much as what we are goin to earn thats why we are thinking of living together there. is it alright? should we get married here in manila or ore should we do it there in doha?

    manila girl 01 Aug 2008, 05:47 - Report
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  • Friends

    Hello friends..I'm San, reached Doha few days back and working as an Commercial Executive. I'm looking for good friends. If interested, contact me at 9745859418.

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  • Friends

    Hello friends.......I do often visit Doha on Bussiness trips (Architect by profession) regularly.Once every month. I am looking for good friends. If interested please email me on [email removed]

    Rahul 27 Aug 2008, 12:25 - Report
  • Female Friend

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  • .. .. .. ..

    No offence, i kinda feel sorry for Arabic women, never being able to do what they want and they way they are treated is ludicrous!

    .. .. .. .. 25 Sep 2008, 09:13 - Report
  • love reading all ur' articles!

    pls. continue sending your ideas, luv reading them., friends! good luck to all!

    surface 12 Oct 2008, 02:28 - Report
  • need reply

    am frm india
    am goin 2 relocate myself 2 qatar soon
    i hv done engineering in electronics & commn..
    can anyone tell me
    wat kind of job i can expect over there ?

    syed 16 Oct 2008, 02:48 - Report
  • job in qatar

    My husband was going there to work but somehow that place sounds like prison...nothing haved changed for the muslims...

    Sara 19 Oct 2008, 05:45 - Report
  • Hi Im a single British Pakistani need advice on finding accomodation

    Hi Im hoping some one will come back to me on this. Im looking at relocating to Qater in Jan 09. Im a single female just wanted to know how much would an average apartment be? Am used to living well so no dumps please, however looking at the expense of living in Doha am a tad concern does anyone have any advice on what i may be able to get.

    Theres been so many comments on the people and culture that i think i would rather find this out for my self ive heard qataries are good people.

    Oh yes one other thing how easy is it to make friends ie female friends there?

    Sugar 19 Oct 2008, 11:17 - Report
  • hii!!

    its easy to make friends here u got one already... [email removed]
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    meeee 31 Oct 2008, 06:02 - Report
  • for a nice friendship

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  • tailor for qatari clothes

    I would like to know, are usually traditional qatari clothes for women tailored or bought? I saw a many tailor shops, but all men. Are there ones but women?

    nc 04 Nov 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • Children

    I am thinking on applying to a possition in qatar for next year. I am a single mother, my son is 6 years old and i would like to know how is life for children in qatar because i would like to take my son with me.
    thanks very much for your help

    karina 05 Nov 2008, 12:33 - Report
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    what is it with all the hungry dogs out there asking for sex? go get a life you worthless sleazy dogs

    Benjamen 21 Nov 2008, 06:43 - Report
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  • Dress code

    i am just checking but shorts and t-shirt are ok for women its likely we will be with non Qatary work men, but other wise we will be out in the wilds (so to speak) an earlier comment said this was not the done thing

    Matt Jones 18 Dec 2008, 10:09 - Report
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  • Is Jesus God?

    Is Jesus God? No,never. He was unable to save himself from Jews's crucifixion. How will he save you?

    Moin Khan 30 Dec 2008, 05:36 - Report
  • Looking for female friends

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