job in qatar

  • hi.i m a hospital pharmacist and want job in qatar.

    25 Jan 2007, 03:29 Anonymous
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  • hii

    i am an expert medical Dr ( gp) , looking for a job in GATAR

    Anonymous 25 Jan 2007, 06:16 - Report
  • hi i

    i m syrian my work in advertising in syria looking at job in qatar
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 26 Jan 2007, 01:20 - Report
  • need a job in qatar

    I am an Overseas Auditor
    i need a job in QATAR
    [email removed]
    thank you

    Anonymous 27 Jan 2007, 07:43 - Report
  • searching for a job

    I am an Omanian retired person who qualified in militery music and have a good expereince in adminstraion as well, i will be very gratefull if i find suitable job in Qatar the country of chances.

    Anonymous 27 Jan 2007, 06:13 - Report
  • hello

    i am maria searching a job in qatar i have diplomat as an air hostess and i used to work in 3 years as a sales co -ordinator
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 29 Jan 2007, 03:31 - Report
  • specialist general surgery&laparoscopic surgery

    Hi, i am searching ajob in qatar or dubai
    my degree , diploma of general surgery1994( egypt0 and diploma of laparoscopic surgery ( strasburg /france )

    Anonymous 30 Jan 2007, 05:55 - Report
  • jop in Qater

    I am an Egyptian Financial Accountant 15yrs experience , looking for a jop in Investment field in Qatar
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 31 Jan 2007, 03:02 - Report
  • job in Qatar

    I am an Egyptian Financial Accountant 15yrs experience , looking for a job in Investment field in Qatar
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 31 Jan 2007, 03:04 - Report
  • Looking a job in Qatar

    I am A S M ZAHIRUDDIN,a Bangladeshi Financial Accountant 8yrs experience , looking for a jop in Accointing or Administrative field in Qatar. Please contact# [email removed]

    Anonymous 01 Feb 2007, 06:50 - Report
  • looking for a job in Qatar

    hi : I am british citizin I do speak hebrew arabic and english raed and write.
    I am ready at any time to come over .
    e.mail : [email removed]

    Anonymous 06 Feb 2007, 10:10 - Report
  • software engr

    hi. I am software engineer and want a job in qatar

    Anonymous 07 Feb 2007, 05:20 - Report
  • hello


    On behalf of Metro International Tours and Resort, the the management wishes to inform you that the Metro worldwide corporation need staffs within the framework of her establishments for both skilled , unskilled and professionals workers who are ready to work after undergoing enlistment training in all sectors. All applicants will be absorbed within the outfits in the United States and Europe. If you wish to take up this opportunity, do feel free to contact us through the Recruitment office for details.
    Email address
    [email removed]
    Mr Cody Pérsell


    Anonymous 07 Feb 2007, 08:16 - Report
  • Job in Qatar

    Hi I live in EL Salvador Central America , I working as aircraft mechanic , I looking job in Qatar my mail is [email removed] thank

    j ventura 14 Feb 2007, 07:02 - Report
  • Customer Service Jobs

    Hi, I am Eswari and I have more that 6 years of exeprience in the customer service line. I am seriously looking for a job in qatar. [email removed]

    Eswari 17 Feb 2007, 04:55 - Report
  • need job with visa


    iam pak male . MBA in fianance looking 4 job in qatar

    iam currently in visit visa in qatar in my wife sponser

    please help me accountant ....mangment ....

    [email removed]

    hayat 19 Feb 2007, 03:37 - Report
  • Looking for a Job

    I'm a Heavy Duty Driver with heavy duty licence.looking for a job in QATAR.
    [email removed]

    Benard 21 Feb 2007, 12:58 - Report

    hello sir am dairo lanre is my name am looking for a job in qatar am very good working plssssss help me i want a job in qatar a very good job good day sir my email add is [email removed] or [email removed] my hotmail

    DAIRO LANRE 21 Feb 2007, 01:00 - Report
  • Job in Management position

    Hi, Masood, Indian, 37Y, engaged as Project Manager in KSA, communication field, looking better placement in UAE/ Qatar/ Kuwiat. e-mail ID : [email removed]

    Masood Ahmad 03 Mar 2007, 01:00 - Report
  • employment in

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen, i got a diploma in building systems from a Canadian College,
    I am intrested for employment in the Middle East, more information will be given upon request, my e-mail :[email removed]

    thank you!

    Malek el-masri 04 Mar 2007, 11:26 - Report
  • search of job

    i am a pharmacist with 7 years experiance , last 4 years as hospital pharmacist in m.o.h of kuwait ,looking for job at Qatar
    [email removed]

    h.k 07 Mar 2007, 03:37 - Report
  • Dubai & Qatar Experienced Seeking Job


    I am seeking a job as network or desktop support personnel , Already experienced with a leading oil firm in Qatar. Please contact me at [email removed].

    Bimal 09 Mar 2007, 04:46 - Report
  • hi!

    hello! i'm a filipino physician (ob-gyne) looking for a job in e-mail add:[email removed]

    binoy marin 27 Mar 2007, 02:29 - Report
  • europe lady looking for a job

    I am looking for a job in sport-club
    At that moment I am staying in UAE

    Elena 27 Mar 2007, 04:21 - Report
  • need a job in qatar

    hi,i'm jocelyn meneses,marketing graduate looking for a job in qatar.
    i am currently working as a self employed here in the philippines.
    please help me... here's my email add jo0108_meneses73
    thank you!

    Jocelyn Meneses 27 Mar 2007, 09:25 - Report
  • Job In Qarar


    Personal Information;

    Name : Edmond Elie Haddad
    Nationality : Lebanese
    Date of birth : 01 February 1957
    Marital status : Married with two children

    Address : Kfaryassine, Tabarja - Lebanon
    Telephone : 00961 9 852082
    Mobile phone : 00961 3 931459

    Qatar Mobile: 5043165

    E-mail : [email removed]


    Computers & Electronics machinery;

    * - Sales Engineering.
    * - Customer services.
    * - Product knowledge.
    * - Maintenance.
    * - Graphic Designer
    * - Visual programmer


    * - The Academy of Technical Sciences (London)
    The degree of Bachelor of Sciences in Electronic Engineering 1981.


    * - Design and installing alarm system and Close Circuit TV (CCTV).
    * - Computer hardware : assembly and maintenance.
    * - Computer software : Windows, Excel, Internet and others.
    * - Computer programming : Access, Visual Basic .Net & ASP.Net(Web)
    * - Graphic design : Adobe Photoshop and Corel draw.


    Arabic : Speak, read and write.

    English : Speak, read and write.

    Work history;

    From 11/09/1981 to 09/06/1984 Modern Electronic Establishment. Al Khobar, Saudi
    Arabia As an Electronic Technician for Hi-Fi, Color TV & Video sets.

    From 11/06/1984 to 15/04/1987 Micro Computer land. Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
    As a Technical Supervisor.

    From 29/04/1987 to 09/12/1989 PC World. Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia As Riyadh branch manager.

    From 1990 till now Having my own business in Computer Programming and Graphic design
    for many companies and customers plus creating And selling new programs.

    Edmond Haddad 29 Mar 2007, 04:42 - Report
  • help

    how are you. i have heard good opporunities in australia.i m a hair dresser.i graduate from english age is 32 year.i like tourism.please let know if there is any work.this is my email [email removed]
    best regards

    mustapha 03 Apr 2007, 07:04 - Report
  • work

    how are you. i have heard good opporunities of work.i m a hair dresser.i graduate from english age is 32 year.i like tourism.please let know if there is any work.this is my email [email removed]
    best regards

    mustapha 03 Apr 2007, 07:06 - Report
  • Technical Service Engineer

    68-2398 Britannia Rd - W.
    Mississauga, ON. L5M 6B6 , CANADA
    Technical Service Engineer
    1. Over 10 years experience in: Installations, Repair, Maintenance,
    Troubleshooting and other services
    2. Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
    3. Accurate and careful with a strong work ethic
    4. Proven ability to work well under pressure to achieve all sales
    5. Knowledgeable in Microsoft OS and other software
    6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    Technical Support
    1. Installed, repaired, maintained equipment and replaced parts
    2. Performed diagnosis, troubleshooting and services to fix all
    Technical issues
    3. Followed proper instructions through service manuals and
    other manufacturing plants
    4. Assisted in finding innovative solutions to problems
    5. Ensured equipment installed or serviced met design and
    Safety specifications
    6. Prepared service orders, reports and other administrative Records
    as required to service manager
    Customer Service Engineer
    1. Attended field service calls including site preparations, Repair and
    preventive maintenance services , parts replacement, relocations,
    modifications ect.
    2. Provided technical servicing and marketing support such as: Exhibitions ,
    seminars , road shows and on-site demo Modifications to customer
    EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: (1992 - 2007 )
    Compugen Inc, Richmond Hill
    Installation and testing control panel for HP 4345 printers
    Servicing and repairing HP 4000 - 4050 - 4200 - 4300 - 4345 black printers
    Servicing and repairing HP 2600 -3600 - 4600 - 9500 Full color printers
    Konica Minolta, Mississauga
    Installation new Konica Minolta copiers Models ( bizhub Di 3510 - 7145 -bizhub
    with options ( staple finisher - Punch kit - Z folder kit - Large capacity Cassette -
    Expanded Memory 64 ,128 ,256 ,512 - Printer Controller & HDD.)
    Compugen Inc, Richmond Hill
    Technical Service Representative (Lexmark) MFP - Models (T 630 , T 632 ,
    & ( C912 ) Color for Installing MFP & memory card , firmware card , hard disk
    Verify printer setup to print a menu setting page & a network setup page .
    Configure for TCP/IP & Install drivers for network printing
    Also( IBM Infoprint color 1354 & hp LaserJet 9000 )
    The installation done through ORC for all Ontario sities on different sites.
    After installation I did Demonstration for staff using the printer.
    Servicing & Repairing Konika Minolta Digital Color Copiers Models ( C350 ,
    & Digital Black Copiers Models ( 7255 , 7145 , 7155 , 7165 , 7222 , 7228 )
    4 Office automation, Mississauga
    Field Technical Support (Panasonic copiers) for servicing & Repairing Digital
    Models ( DP - 3510 - 4510 - 6010 ) on site
    Dotco, Mississauga
    Workshop Technical Support (Xerox ) model 4512 for Installation , Servicing &
    Repairing printers
    Ikon office solutions , Mississauga
    Field technical support ( Toshiba - Canon ) copiers for servicing & Repairing
    On site
    New Star Office Supplies
    Field and workshop technical support (Panasonic - Toshiba ) copiers as a
    Manager for:
    Ordering spare parts and supplies from the suppliers .
    visiting customers for annual service contracts & solving technical problems and
    Training for sales & servicing staff for new models and modifications.
    Increasing the total income under my management by 400% By giving all
    customers best
    service with good Relations.
    Bachelor of Electrical Power and Machinery Engineering
    Evaluated as equivalent to Canadian Bachelor by U of T.
    1 Digital Copiers - Kyocera Mita Canada 2006
    2 Personal Leadership & Career Management Canada 2005
    3 Digital Copiers - Konica Minolta Canada 2005
    4 Laser Printers ( MFP ) - Lexmark Canada 2004
    5 Home Networks - Computer Technology Institute Canada 2003
    6 Digital Copiers - Panasonic Canada 2003
    7 Laser printers - Xerox Canada 2002
    8 Digital copiers - Ricoh Canada 2001
    References: Available upon request

    Malak Sarkis 08 Apr 2007, 04:55 - Report
  • serch a job in qatar

    hellow i am ingeneer in data prossessing soft war and i want te work in qatar my sitiation is verry critical in algeria ! can you help me pleas contact me :
    [email removed]

    dahmani kenza 09 Apr 2007, 10:48 - Report
  • serch a job

    hello I Trainer of volleyball international level two
    and i am : Trainer of volleyball, national level three. I am algerian i a am looking for a job in qatar
    [email removed]

    tarek nehai 09 Apr 2007, 10:52 - Report
  • serch job

    hello my name is nehai tarek i am Trainer of volleyball international level two and Trainer of volleyball, national level three.looking for a job in dubai
    can you halp me pleas
    [email removed]

    tarek nehai 09 Apr 2007, 10:58 - Report
  • looking for job&permanent visa in qatar

    i am BS. of computer engineer,i have 6+ years experiences in iranian scientific network as IT. Services Administrator,i am familiar with sun solaris,linux and mail hosting system.

    me and my wife want to immigrate to qatar.
    we have iranian passport.
    [email removed]

    mohammad mozayani rad 14 Apr 2007, 10:25 - Report
  • Employment OFFER

    Dear All..

    I am pleased to introduce my new company for you, I have established a new company at Doha Qatar which specializing in Trading and Construction, since my company is still new, I need a staff, hereinafter is my requirements:

    1- Secretary No. 1 (female)
    2- personal driver No. 1
    3- Civil Engineer No. 1 (female preferred)
    4- foreman on construction No. 2
    5- masons No. 15

    CV (recent photograph showing face and body for the first three jobs) to be sent to [email removed] (attn: operation manager abdulhafiz)

    Best regards

    Managing Director

    UQJE for Trading and Enterprise 15 Apr 2007, 02:58 - Report
  • Looking for job in Qatar


    I'm working in saudi arabia as VB Programmer for the past 10 years in a well reputed hospital in the eastern provience.

    Modules handeld are inventory,purchasing,ward managemen,dietary & food services contract management etc.

    started to dirty my hands on vb .net with win apps also
    Any body interested can mail me at [email removed]

    nsm 18 Apr 2007, 03:32 - Report
  • work in qater

    i want work in qater in sales ,trade ,colthes,fashion ,,i have experince in th
    these fileds ,,,i have been travled many countries


    waled 21 Apr 2007, 09:16 - Report
  • hospital pharmacist job

    Curriculum vitae
    Personal data
    Name : Tarek Saeed Albeehary.
    Nationality : 20/10/1978.
    Marital status : Single.
    Driving license : Egyptian & Saudi one.
    Home address : Alexandria, Egypt.
    Telephone : Home +2033241998 (Egypt).
    : Mobile +20107818884----+20124391361 (Egypt).
    Current address : ALBAHA, KSA.
    Telephone : Mobile +966502653613.
    : Home +96677283230.
    Email :[email removed]
    : Bachelor in pharmaceutical science Alexandria

    : Pharmacist license of Saudi council for health
    Grade : Very good (honor degree) .
    Course &languages
    Computer skills : Good internet &Microsoft office use.
    Arabic : Mother tongue.
    English : Excellent communication (verbal & written)
    • Community pharmacist in Alexandria large pharmacy June 2001-june 2002).
    • Hospital pharmacist in Sewa oasis hospital (June 2002 - April 2003).
    • Hospital pharmacist in general abookir hospital (April 2003- may 2004) practicing in formal patient education program application.
    • Hospital pharmacist in Ghodran general hospital KSA (May 2004 –may2005).
    • Current job hospital pharmacist in general Mikhwa hospital KSA (July 2006-till now).
    Strong communication & selling skills, presentable, dynamic, self-motivated, dependable.
    I will be thankful to hearing from you about joining your team-work.

    tarek saeed 23 Apr 2007, 04:47 - Report
  • pharmacist job

    hi.i m a hospital pharmacist and want job in qatar.

    syedibrahim 26 Apr 2007, 11:09 - Report


    RUE GHASSANY 29 Apr 2007, 11:26 - Report
  • looking for job in qatar or uae


    Personal Information;

    Name :

    Nationality : LIBYAN

    Date of birth : 01 DESEMBER 1941

    Marital status : Married (NO children)


    Mobile phone :

    E-mail : [email removed]


    TEXAS 1964

    TEXAS 1967


    ENGLAND 1971



    Arabic : Speak, read and write.

    English : Speak, read and write.

    Work history;


    Oil meter battery supervisor.

    1965 -1969

    ZELTEN oil field group head\operating & maintaining 800,000 bbls oil field.


    RAGUBA oil field superintendent
    Responsible for 70,000 bbls\day + gas production 10 CF


    SARIR oil field manager responsible for operation, maintenance and production
    Of 600,000bbls\day plus 20,000 bbls\day of gas condensate.

    Chairman of the board of state owned oil company AGECO (ex BP)
    Responsible for the total oil activities exploration, production of gas and oil and exports-policies-production planning, personnel management.


    AGIP (name) North Africa and Middle East
    Chairman of the board of AGIP (name).
    Member of the board directors of NOC (national oil corporation) responsible for on-shore production of 460,000 bbls\day and the development of offshore production platform for 180,000 bbls\day.


    Vice-chairman of great man made river authority ( a 23 billion US$ project) (GMRA) responsible for the engineering, manufacturing & construction of 4000 km pipeline of prestressed concrete pipe 7.5 meters diameter) capable of transporting by gravity 6 million cubic meters of water per day from 1200 water wells.


    Chairman of Ofeqelsalama Company (for import and export auto parts)

  • Seeking Job

    I am a Graduate (English honors), presently employed in a multi diversified company in Dubai as Jr. HR/Admin. Executive....VERY MUCH INTERESTED TO WORK IN "QATAR" which is my dream Secretarial/Administrative field....Want to join latest by 10th of June-2007 since I am resigning from my present job with effect from May 05, 2007....Kindly contact me @ the my mobile: +971503387967 or
    E-mail: [email removed]

    Pradhan O. Prakash 02 May 2007, 02:40 - Report
  • looking for a job..and need visa

    hi my name is danilo i am looking for a job in doha qatar...i am a computer technician...i am from the philippines ... my email add is [email removed]

    danilo 02 May 2007, 08:18 - Report
  • I am looking for oracle job

    am a Kenyan with good experience in oracle developer and database.i am looking for a job in [email removed]

    Jeff 02 May 2007, 08:19 - Report

    Hi I'M Chris and I am a Filipino and im currently working here in Saudi Arabia, This Month of May My contract will end and im willing to work there in Qatar for any Occupational Therapist vacant positions, please kindly mail me on this add: [email removed] as soon as possible, thank you so much.

    CHRIS 05 May 2007, 11:46 - Report
  • Quality Manager

    I am M.D. with a Quality Management experience from the USA. I am interested to work as a Quality Manager/Director for a hospital/healthcare institute in Quatar. If you have an opening please contact me at [email removed]

    Anonymous 07 May 2007, 06:21 - Report
  • Provide worker

    To: Sir/ Madam,

    Firstly, We would like to send all our best wishes and warmest greetings to you
    We have learned your esteemed name and address on the Internet and we are glad to know you.

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a reputable manpower supplying Center which belong to the Pcc2 Com.,Ltd, operate legally under the law and regulations of Vietnamese Labor Ministry. Our main function is to recruit workers, organize a training orientation course and then dispatch them to work abroad periodically.

    We have the business licence No 117/ BLDTBXH-GPXKLD, issued by Ministry of Labor Invalids and Social Affairs, dated 14st July 2006. Annually, We have trained and dispatched its many qualified employees to foreign countries to work, such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea,
    Therefore, we would like to show you our labourer qualifications as follows:
    1. High skilled and skilled : Mechanics, electronics, industrial electrician, electrician, informatic technology, welder (network system, Computer programer, soft ware developer ), cargo truck driver, civil engineering with over two year working experiences, nurse, doctor, Carpenters, tilelayer driver, construction worker ect…

    2. Unskilled (general labour) : Housework, farmer, caretaker, ( ship) cleaner, warehousekeeper, security guard, packer, butcher, hotel attendant,glaziers…ect..
    If you are interesed in Vietnamese workers and need more infomation about us, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to supply you any category of manpower as for your requirement
    Hope that we will have good cooperation in the near future.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Sincerely yours ,
    Dinh Vinh

    Add: Labour Supplying Centre
    Power Construction Company No 2
    No 31 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia st, District 1
    Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
    Phone: 84-8-8217942 Fax: 84-8-8212822
    Email: [email removed]

    Nguyen Dinh Vinh 07 May 2007, 04:13 - Report
  • Assalam-Aliakum

    I am Indian Civil Engineer with 13 yrs experience in facilities management , looking for appropriate job in Qatar.
    My Email: [email removed]

    Anonymous 11 May 2007, 02:22 - Report
  • looking for a job

    I am British by nationality, originally from Somalia, I have studied agriculture in Somalia, I have a good command in English language and I am fluent in Arabic language
    At present I work as freelance interpreter Arabic-English-Italian-Somali in Manchester city of United Kingdom.

    I would like to work in one of Arabic countries in the fields of teaching biology at the schools, work as agriculturist in the field.

    [email removed]

    Anonymous 21 May 2007, 01:14 - Report
  • aircraft mechanic/unlicenced engineer/aircraft technician

    i am shakil reza from bangladesh looking for a job within aircraft maintenance. i am having a total 09 years of aircraft maintenance experience.
    presently i am working in Thai Airways Intl.
    pls contact me.
    [email removed]

    cell: 01713-093-349

    SHAKIL MD.REZA 21 May 2007, 03:17 - Report
  • Agent Spa

    Im looking in Qatar for a job as agent reservation or agent spa or guest relations.I have experience before in 5*hotel in Doha.Im not a resident in Doha.Im from romania,female,28years.Thank u

    nela 21 May 2007, 07:10 - Report
  • Looking for a job

    Im looking in Qatar for a job as agent reservation or agent spa or guest relations.I have experience before in 5*hotel in Doha.Im not a resident in Doha.Im from romania,female,28years.Thank email:
    [email removed]

    nela 21 May 2007, 07:12 - Report
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