Public healthcare system

How social security works in Romania

Public healthcare system


All members of the Romanian public healthcare system are entitled to treatment. Services are paid for from insurance contributions. Citizens of other EU countries visiting Romania can access the system if they hold a European Health Insurance Card from their home country.

The unified national social health insurance fund is administered by the National Health Insurance Agency (CNAS) and its regional centers. The following categories are insured without having to pay any contribution:

  • Children of 18 years and under
  • Individuals of 26 years and under if in higher education
  • War veterans/widows and invalids
  • Disabled people without income
  • Pregnant women and those who have recently given birth, if they do not earn income or their income is lower than the national gross minimum wage

Everyone else pays contributions out of their salary.

Under the above-mentioned law, all those insured are entitled to free medical services such as medical consultations, prescriptions, and basic hospital care. Primary medical assistance is provided by family doctors or General Practitioners (GPs). Primary medical assistance can also be provided by various practitioner partnerships, ordinary practices or clinics. GP’s provide medical services for insured, registered and uninsured patients, such as:

  • First aid in medical and surgical emergency
  • Assistance in emergency situations
  • Monitoring chronic diseases: active medical monitoring for the most frequent chronic diseases, prescriptions for medical and/or dietary and hygienic treatments, coordination of periodic checks by specialist doctors;
  • Preventive medical care, such as: immunization, monitoring pregnant and women who have recently given birth, preventing the risk of illness for diagnosed medical conditions, active medical monitoring for average-risk or high-risk asymptomatic adults and children, according to age and gender.

Private healthcare

Below is a list of private clinic’s websites:

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