Employment contracts

Romanian employment contracts

Employment contracts


In Romania, an employment contract is required by law. It must identify the employee and the employer, the job location and its registered address. It must also include a job description, details of any job-specific risks (if any) and the date of commencement of the contract.

Additionally the following should be specified: the amount of annual leave to which an employee is entitled, the base salary, any other elements included in the remuneration, the frequency of salary payments, normal working hours (in hours/day and days/week), and the collective employment contract regulating an employee’s working conditions.

Individual employment contracts are registered with the Employees’ General Register at the Office of the Labor Inspectorate. An employer is obligated to the employee with a copy of their employment contract, which has been signed by both parties and registered with the Local Labor Inspectorate.

Fixed-term individual employment contracts may be drawn up for a period of up to 12 months. Such a contract may be extended for no longer than 18 months. If a fixed-term employment contract has been suspended, the fixed-term contract expires as soon as the causes of the suspension cease to exist.

If there are any changes to an employment relationship, the employer must notify the employee in writing of these changes. In addition, the employer is obliged to notify the Local Labor Inspectorate within five days. For more information about labor relations, labor protection and occupational health and safety, contact the Office of the Labor Inspectorate (http://www.inspectmun.ro/ ).

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