Work at home & make great money with Getawayclub Travel program

  • GetawayClub is a registered company in the British Virgin Islands. The directors are located In the United States, The United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Further staff are strategically located in other parts of the world to accommodate international clients.

    GetawayClub is the culmination of two individual concepts designed to bring members a range of savings, commissions and income. By combining the expertise and experience of Marketing, IT and Financial professionals, and mergeing 3 explosive industries, Travel, Home Business and the Internet, we have created;

    1. A marketing plan which gives everyone the opportunity to generate a substantial recurring income, and

    2. A product that is practical and contains numerous benefits and savings in a cross section of Travel and leisure related industries and services.

    GetawayClub is a dynamic organization and will continue to develop its products and services which our members can enjoy and take advantage of.

    More importantly, we have developed a compensation plan which pays on 2 different criteria, this enables all our members to develop a recurring income stream and those who commit the time and effort into their home business, the opportunity to make a substantial income.

    The Team

    GetawayClub is made up of a number of IT developers, entrepreneurs and marketing Professionals. Each member plays a significant role in helping you achieve your goals by providing you with a host of marketing tools, the latest technology, and a great product to promote.

    Every member will get $20,400 on your first cycle and then $17,000 all over and over again.For more details on all the juicy benefits,pls log onto:

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