Health and travel insurance in Russia


Most people need health insurance to be treated at a Russian hospital. However, countries such as Britain have reciprocal health care agreements with Russia.

When travelling within Russia, you should get medical or travel insurance. As soon as you arrive find out the local emergency number and address of the nearest hospital.

Health insurance for Russian citizens is paid by the state. If you’re employed by a Russian company you will be issued with free health insurance which you can use in any policlinic or hospital. If you are a student in Russia, you are provided with free healthcare by your university.

However, for better treatment private clinics are another alternative. These are not covered by state health insurance and you will have to pay as much as in Europe or the US for the treatment.

You can pay for insurance plans which cover medical treatments in private Russian clinics. There are many sources of information that can help travelers or those moving abroad to find the right medical insurance. There are reliable and well-known brokers on the Internet that work with a variety of insurers. This gives them an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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