How to get medication in Russia


There are pharmacies at every corner in Russia. Just look for the large green crosses and the word аптека. If you’re planning a visit to Russia while you’re taking any medication, it might be easier to bring enough quantities with you.

Finding drugs such as antidepressants and prescription pain killers can be difficult. While most medications do not require a prescription, some will require a local prescription. Shipping restricted prescription drugs is illegal and the pack will be returned to the sender.

If you are taking special medications that are available only by prescription, it is better to visit your doctor before your trip and request a prescription for enough medication to last your entire stay in Russia. Be sure to have correct documentation from your doctor if you are taking a large quantity. You will have to prove that the medication is intended for your use.

You should also contact the pharmaceutical manufacturer to learn if the drug is marketed in Russia. Ask if they know of an equivalent and if so, its Russian name.


There are a few pharmacies in Russian cities where you can always go in case of emergencies. You should find out their addresses and telephone numbers upon arrival.

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