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  • Global Manpower supply and logistics service group (GMSLSG) is a company organized under the laws of Ethiopian Republic federal states in the declaration No. 104/90. The Company has been established due to the increasing demand in the man power supply and staffing services.

    The company offers cost effective and efficient staffing solutions. Serving with UAE and neighboring gulf countries by supplying different kinds of man power.

    (GMSLSG) guarantees commitment there by empowering customer satisfaction and long term business partnership in trust and confidence.

    Our Mission statement

    Aiming to be at the fore front of the man power supply and logistic service kindly adhering to international standards with emphasis is speed and efficiency of service with compromising with quality.

    Our Services

    F Man power supply and logistics service

    a, Supply trained man power

    b, Out sourcing and local man power

    c, carry out selection and training

    Global man power supply and logistic service group

    - services keep abreast of up date database of candidate, professional, skilled, semi skilled labour and house hold workers from Ethiopia and other Nationalities aiming to be employed in various fields

    Full Turnkey assistance

    - Sourcing of qualified candidates

    - Screening and Assessment

    - Profiling of candidate information

    - Verification of documents

    - Interview arrangement

    - Verification of medical fitness

    - Prepared and provide travel confirmation

    Global man power supply and logistic service group

    - Maintains database of candidates is the following areas of specialization

    F highly professionals

    ü Specialized physician, health officer, laboratory technician, nurses

    F comuter science

    ü management information system(mis),IT,computer science

    F highly skilled/semi skilled/ man power

    ü Building maintenance supervisions

    ü Shuttering and finishing carpenters

    ü Auto mechanics, Diesel mechanics

    ü Electricians

    ü forklift operator, Heavy duty machine operator

    ü Welders, and others

    . F Finance and Accounting

    Ø Internal Auditors, Accountant and Accounting support officers and staffs

    F Hotel and Restaurant Management

    Ø Bakers, Baristas, Cashiers, Pastry chief, food and beverage supervisors, kitchen helpers, pastry man, pot washers, Receptionists, Reservation agent, waiter, waitresses, life savior in swimming pool.

    F Production, Sales and Marketing, non industrial workers /others

    Ø Light vehicle drivers, security guard, janitor, cleaners, helpers, polishers salesman, sales ladies, store keepers, librarians.teachers.

    F House Hold Staff

    Ø House maid/ Domestic Helpers/

    Ø Baby sitter, Servant, cleaner, House boy

    Global man power supply and logistic service group

    Takes pride with its team specialist seasoned with the technical knowledge and proficiency in the man power supply and documentation which focus on the immediate response to the reads of the clients with on line information at full time.

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