AL Rowad international school Riyadh

  • Hi there,does anyone have any info on Al Rowad International school in Riyadh?How is life in Riyadh for a muslim expat family (ie kids entertainment,sports clubs,price of family accom etc)Thanks

    21 May 2007, 11:12 Sina
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  • tution

    Mrs. Shari,
    you did not answer the man question about the cost to attend the school


    mike 22 May 2009, 11:49 - Report
  • Location


    I would like to know the detailed address of Al Rowad international school in Riyadh

    Maya Hammoud 23 May 2009, 03:00 - Report
  • Mrs Shari

    I wanted to ask you whn are they recruiting teachers?Now?Or for sept?And I gave an interview and a model lesson...I was just told I would be called 2 weeks later.I am pretty confident that I gave the model lesson in a very presentable way as possible...I found it very rude....because if the school is not interested they should have told there and then "That sorry u are not a proper teacher - you are not what we are looking for" I was simply told "We will call after the 10th of this month" I was not told if there was sumthng they didnt like or the model lesson wasnt upto the mark or i wasnt confident enough etc etc We should be told if we were not good enough..I am very disappointed by the lady who took my interview and model lesson because I worked day and night for that lesson and i was told to leave within 7 minutes... not questioning me not asking about the topic...Just sayin oh we will contact you not a proper way to handle a candidate - i am sorry i gave an interview - I was disappointed,not because i was not called but because I expected them to b more straightforward rather than beating around the bush.

    Curious Georgia 25 May 2009, 07:19 - Report
  • Multinational school

    We will move in september to Riyadh with 2 children ( 8 and 6 years). Can somebody give me some information about this school? It has the Australian curriculum... [email removed]

    Stella 25 May 2009, 08:52 - Report
  • Parent

    The school was ok , but now getting greedy and raising fee every year .
    Apart from the fee the school have made the registration fee from its original 500 to 2000 non-refundable now..

    Fired all good teachers as they are expensive..
    Hiring anyone for the KG sections especially

    Its mentioned earlier by someone earlier that school can take the fresher and train them ?

    How can a untrained teacher handle a young kid's mentality.. What for are the teacher's training and experience ....

    School needs to stop getting greedy before it gets too late

    Partent 27 May 2009, 04:42 - Report
  • Parent

    I am unsure school gives more importance to Arabic and islamic knowledge.. I atleast know a few non-arabic speaking kids who learnt nothing from the Arabic teacher (Both and islmic and language)... Literally nothin I mean.. So what does it mean when it says importance to islamic education.. Perhaps "If you can learn Arabic learn it yourself , we only appoint named teachers for these subjects to advertise our brand" ...

    I still agree Al-Rowad Arabic schools are upto their standards.... Thanks God

    Parent 27 May 2009, 04:47 - Report
  • Any other alternative

    Sorry forgot to mention.. Is there any good alternative to move my kids out of this school....?

    Parent 27 May 2009, 04:48 - Report
  • Parent

    Why dnt u try these schools I have heard these are not bad either

    Learning Oasis
    Olaya Main road
    Olaya talateen - Panda on left - asssraya turkey - take right-school
    Yearly 6000
    Admission 500

    P O Box 59772,
    Riyadh 11535
    Saudi Arabia Telephone: +966-(0)1-4633180
    Fax: +966-(0)1-4630748 Email: [email removed]
    Principal: Mr Nigel Wise
    IGCSE co-ordinator: Elizabeth Bainbridge (Mrs) Gender: Mixed
    Administration Office Hours7:30am to 3:15pm
    Saturday - Wednesday

    Elementary, Junior High & Senior High SchoolsTelephone
    +966 1 463 3180 / +966 1 463 4169

    +966 1 463 0748

    [email removed]

    +966 1 463 1259 / +966 1 463 1276

    +966 1 463 0765

    [email removed]

    King Saud International School
    PO BOX 59772
    Riyadh 11535
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    King Saud International School
    Hamdan Street, Olaya, Riyadh
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Cg 29 May 2009, 03:02 - Report
  • There are plenty of such schools

    The Reasons for wich Alrowad was choosen .. and what it advertise has not been seen in reality ..

    Alrowad standards are going down and staying merely to business ...

    By The way there are indian schools as well.. far better than Alrowad standard of education.. perhaps the difference is Alrowad advertise a lot of islamic environment.. Islamic education Arabic ... Native English teahers etc..these hardly exists there..

    Most teachers do not have any educational background in any of the countries WEstern countries they lived and native English as they claim

    Parent 30 May 2009, 08:04 - Report
  • Parent

    C merely being a native english speaker does not make anyone a good teacher...i think indians have better english as compared to their counterparts.Teachers are made good teachers if they teach well and knw wht they are teaching - just having a teaching degree doesnt make anyone a good requires knowing the subject well...and student and teacher co-ordination also is required.

    Middle East International School is they are not taking new admissions.

    I was very ardent on enrolling my daughter in rowad from next year bt im having 2 thoughts rite now n for the fact tht i saw the school...and the girls seemed mostly arabs and that too sloppy hair and sloppy uniforms and not one teacher replied to me in english...sumone had to translate to her wht i was saying.

    CG 30 May 2009, 09:56 - Report
  • Material cover

    The students still didn't get it and the exams are 2 weeks later.

    Fathi Alaa 30 May 2009, 06:20 - Report
  • Concerned Parent

    I agree there are some good indian teacher's as well. Being native Enslish speaker is not just the qualification , but also the teaching exp.. and degree is also importan which confirms to the standards advertised by the school

    The teachers trainings and the teacher's degree are meant to prepare a person to be a good teacher, this could be a min assurance though..
    I agree.

    Alrowad have lost all trained professional good teachers.. There are some US/UK passport holders who think gettin a passport is everythig... I even see a little racist nature in one of the teacher's behavier.. The teacher is not an indian but not an ARAB, or native brit or native american..

    THE SCHOOL IS FLYING HIGH WITHOUT FUEL Its become the SELLERS MARKET in this school, we cant demand all that they claimed to have..

    Parent 31 May 2009, 08:32 - Report
  • biology

    i am sobia from pakistan.i am master in PHYSIOLOGY from karachi university.i have 6 yrs experience of teaching science and 3 yrs of teaching biology to O-LEVEL students.i have donePGCC AND HAVE ATTENDED cieWORKSHOPS FOR PROFE SSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. I AM SENDING MY CV. CURRICULUM VITAE

    Name: Sobia jawad
    Father’s Name: Abdus Salam
    Date of Birth: 15-01-1977
    NIC: 34603-2107042-4
    Martial Status: Married
    Permanent Address: Ho No 31/193 Street Molvi Ibrahim
    Miana Pura Sialkot
    E-mail: [email removed],[email removed]
    Cell No: +92- 321-613-2767

    Matric: 1992 Board of Secondary Education Karachi
    F.Sc: 1994 Board of Intermediate Education Karachi
    B.Sc (Honours) 1997 (UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI)

    April 2002- Dec 2007 SCIENCE teacher in LASALLE SCHOOL SIALKOT

    Jan.2008 Onwards O-level-Biology teacher in THE CITY SCHOOL SIALKOT

    SKILLS: 1. Post Graduate Certificate Course Of Teaching (PGCC)
    2. Professional Development Course(CIE,O-level Biology)
    3. INSET(In service training by school)

    SOBIA JAWAD 31 May 2009, 09:19 - Report
  • To Curious Georgia

    Al-Rowad is interviewing for upcoming 2009-10 School Year. The adminsitration has been busy with interviewing and scheduling model lessons. If you gave a model lesson, they are interested in you. Please be patient. The admninistration will be working up until the middle of July. I am sure that the admin wants to give all applicants (that they have an interest in) a chance to give model lessons before final choices are made.

    I have never heard of places of employment insulting people by telling them that they are not proper teachers, etc... happy

    Hang in there.

    Mrs. Shari 05 Jun 2009, 02:57 - Report
  • Mrs Shari

    Ummm Not Insulting bt they should say - If we were good or bad for our own benefit,If there is an error sumwhr the candidate can correct its good from the HR point of view.

    No Offence meant to you or the school.
    happy Thanks for your ongoing support MRs Shari.

    CG 05 Jun 2009, 06:01 - Report
  • alrowad school website

    ihsan mubarak 08 Jun 2009, 11:12 - Report
  • regarding al rowad tuition fees

    it is very untrue that Al Rowad raises their tuition fees yearly. My children have been in school since 2006-2007 and at that time the registration fee was 1000 until 2008-2009 and they didn't increase the tuition fees for four (4) years. it is only for this coming 2009-2010 academic year that the reg. fee is 2000!

    so please, as muslims we have to be responsible for the information we convey and make sure we investigate the facts.

    july shining 08 Jun 2009, 12:00 - Report
  • al rowad international schools' students are growing

    for the information of everyone... just last year the number of students in al rowad doubled. I went to register my kids this week and mashaAllah parents are flocking the school. I think this is a good sign that the school is really improving a lot and their IGSCE and SAT exams are really impressive! My children have been there for two years in KGs and they are now speaking good English considering we are Pakistanis.

    satisfied mother 09 Jun 2009, 01:36 - Report
  • Positive Parent

    I'll have to agree that RIS is the best place for my children. The teachers treat my children like their own. When I send my children off to school, I know that they are in a good Islamic, family environment.

    The owner of the school is a good muslim man and only hires muslim teachers. The principal is a fair lady whose focus and heart is in the right place.

    There is a lot of slander on this board which makes it difficult for serious parents to learn about the best place to send their children.


    a positive parent 11 Jun 2009, 09:26 - Report

    taj yasmeen

    taj yasmeen 13 Jun 2009, 10:49 - Report
  • computer, maths teaching job

    I have done M.Sc in computer science with good academic background and have 3
    years of experience in teaching in BCA(bachelor of computer application).I have attended international workshop on "Document Analysis" held at kolkatta(India) march 8-11,2005.
    I looking for computer teacher post.I am good at maths as well.

    My email Id: [email removed]

    aysha 15 Jun 2009, 04:06 - Report
  • schools

    my dear people i want to know about manarat-al riyadh or about any other school whivch is a good school in riyadh and the fees should be from 600 to 800 riyalls not more than that .for my daughter who is going to grade 9 please help me
    thanks a lot

    sara 16 Jun 2009, 02:04 - Report
  • to sara

    try the saudi arab govt schools. they are free.

    pj 16 Jun 2009, 09:36 - Report
  • looking for jobas a science teacher

    hi everyone. i m an indian female i have done masters in botany n i m searching a job .i have more than 2 yrs experience of teaching .could u plz help me.i m interested in manarat or rowad school.

    shona 17 Jun 2009, 03:42 - Report
  • sience teacher (bio)

    hi everyone.i think Alrowad school is one of the good school of riyadh.i m trying to find a job in that school.

    beety 17 Jun 2009, 04:22 - Report
  • wants to apply for myself and wants to put my kids in ur school.They are presently studying in Buraidh international school.

    do reply on my e-mail or call on my cell:[email removed] and # is 00966556346782

    wajiha akif 20 Jun 2009, 05:20 - Report
  • Enquiry about nursery school at Al Rowad International

    Assalaamu Alaykum Mrs Shari

    Does your school cater for the care of babies/toddlers of your teaching staff? Please could you kindly advise.

    Wa Alaykum Salaam

    email: [email removed]

    Farhana 20 Jun 2009, 10:29 - Report
  • im looking school for my children in naseem or near

    aslam alikum, im paksitani and i want addmision for my children they already pass v and vi from pakistan ,if any one have iformation about schools in naseem or near naseem riyadh please email me thanksssss [email removed]

    abdul majeed 20 Jun 2009, 06:09 - Report
  • Looking For Ajob PLEEEEASE

    Im Dalila Qassem From Yemen ,Yemeni ,Moslim i realy Intersted in working in AlrWad InternatiolsSchool .BIOLOGy Teacher With Experiance 6 Year InDiff.International School .I heard Alot about the level of that school .Please if u need me this is my E.Mail
    [email removed]
    I can send u my C.V
    Note MY father & brother live there So i can live there with them

    Dalila Qassem Yehia 24 Jun 2009, 11:15 - Report
  • Al rowad school

    Hi just moved to riyadh from England, originally from Sweden. We are a muslim family and looking for good international english schools. Have heard about Al rowad school, could anyone help me with further info, what is the nationality of the teachers? is there multinationalities among the students?

    I want them to have at least the English subject a native english or at least some one without obviuos accent.

    Salamu Alaykum
    Mrs Shire

    Sagal 30 Jun 2009, 09:25 - Report
  • for summer vacations!!!

    hi does anyone know about any summer camp or home tutions in morning (workin g hours) in vacations.
    Pls let me know as I am working and want to put my kids in any program so they can be busy in morning as well as learn their subjects.
    Pls help me if anyone knows.

    doctor 01 Jul 2009, 03:52 - Report
  • to CG

    "I was very ardent on enrolling my daughter in rowad from next year bt im having 2 thoughts rite now n for the fact tht i saw the school...and the girls seemed mostly arabs and that too sloppy hair and sloppy uniforms and not one teacher replied to me in english...sumone had to translate to her wht i was saying."

    not one teacher? are you sure you talked to any of the teachers??? maybe arabic teachers 'cause some don't speak english at all. In fairness, even Admin. personnel speak good English. I'm a student in rowad and I'm proud of my teachers.

    so sorry to some applicants who were not considered for the teaching position, maybe they did not meet the required level that the school is looking for... but this aint a good outlet to outpour ones sentiments.

    i wish you well...

    happy feet 04 Jul 2009, 01:27 - Report
  • To Happy Feet

    I wish you well too and those some teachers will be teaching certain students in your school from next semester inshallah and those teachers have met well and more than that with the requirement of ur lovely school ;o)we wish u well too byyeeee

    cg 06 Jul 2009, 09:45 - Report
  • Mathematics Teaching job in Al Rowad Intl'l School

    I am presently employed in a reputed school managed by Indian Embassy in RIYADH.I have solid experiene in teaching MATHEMATICS for higher grade students.I am a Bachelor of Engineering graduate, doing my MBA.I am also well versed with computer applications and can manage/design website independently.

    Please let me know if you have any vacancies in your institution.


    Meera 07 Jul 2009, 01:44 - Report
  • Al-Rowad...good place to teach and send children

    curious georgia: congratulations on getting the job., however....your commnets earlier about the school were very negative and misleading... for sincere parents who are looking at this forum for some guidance about schools.
    it seems the school is just fine now that you have been offered a place.

    parents: Rowad is a very good school..up to international standards...teachers and pricipal in girls section are good ladies...all staff is fluent in english. at visits to the school, one is dealt with respect and care...

    do give rowad a visit and see for yourself.

    satisfied mom 13 Jul 2009, 11:02 - Report
  • am a teacher

    am a english kj teacher from egypt. I want to join this school, i feel that i have many skills like drwaing ,singing and write poems which can help me on ma work .
    this ma mail ([email removed])

    fatma el gohary 16 Jul 2009, 05:26 - Report
  • want to join the school

    I am working as english kj teacher for 3 years . I want to join ur school .I think that i have many skills like drwaing , singing, play piano,and write poem all of these can help me on my work .
    thats ma mail ([email removed])

    el gohary 16 Jul 2009, 05:29 - Report
  • Concerned Parent

    Well.... As mentioned earlier, school is advertising a lot of things.. But go check who are the teachers and how much Arabic and islam the kids are lear ning (In Arabic).. This school soon can be compared to Middleeast international school with the exception that most teachers are Pakistani ladies (Mostly relatives).. No offense to Pakistani.. Pakistanis are nice educated people..

    But think what the school is advertising .. The conincidence is that the school dont need to search for teachers.. most teachers have additional teachers in their families..

    School now is hard marketing the Nursery section which means more strenght and or guaranteed KG upwards strength..

    Wow who is the marketing head?

    Concerned parent 19 Jul 2009, 11:56 - Report
  • No need 4 marketing

    Due to our good reputation, Al-Rowad has an overwhelming enrollment, ma'shALLAH. Pleased parents will happily pay a pretty price 4 their children to recieve a quality education. Our enrollment speaks 4 itself.

    Mrs. Shari 26 Jul 2009, 11:55 - Report
  • What is this if not marketing

    This is what is called marketing.. With fake facts.. Perhaps the parents are falling to this marketing due to the absense of many good schools in kingdom..

    It will not be too long when parents come to know of the true picture.. It will late then anyway, both for parents and for school

    Concerned parent 27 Jul 2009, 09:22 - Report
  • want a job

    Salam...I have a bachelor degree.i would like to have a part time job in some international school.I worked here before in my child is only 1 year now..i don't want to work full time.can anyone tell me how can i be able to have a part time job in a school?

    Mrs.Khan 27 Jul 2009, 12:18 - Report
  • Mrs.Shari

    I was interviewed at Rowad for a teacher of higher classes when do they recruit for the academic year Sept 09?Now or in Sept?

    Mrs A 27 Jul 2009, 03:17 - Report
  • application for job

    I have completed electronics engg in native of interseted to teach in your school ...but i have no teaching experience but i can make sure that i have good command over english,maths and science subjects...i want to know is there a facility of baby sitter or crush in your school as i have a 5months old baby girl...

    saman fatima 28 Jul 2009, 05:04 - Report
  • dear concerned parent

    your comments sound quite explain how it is going to be too late for the school

    mrs f 28 Jul 2009, 08:43 - Report
  • interested tio work as ESL teacher

    Can anyone tell me which school is having ESl progs?I would like to join there as a teacher.

    T.K. 29 Jul 2009, 09:46 - Report
  • need of islamic books

    salam how can get islamic books to learn arabic now i can recite the qur an but my problem is that i can t read arabic graphics so help me to get some books [email removed]

    allassane traore 29 Jul 2009, 02:08 - Report
  • Application for the post Sciene Teacher

    I ,m Hira Khurshid Qaisa.I ,m B.Sc from peshawar
    University.Now I am in Saudi Arabia living in Riyadh.Looking for teaching job here.I have nearly 18months of teaching experience.
    I love teachimg at higher as well as at lower level.Up to B.Sc level I passed all with 1st division.

    Hkhurshid ( 30 Jul 2009, 12:55 - Report
  • Job as a Science Teacher in (Al Rowat,Manarat, Pak School )etc

    To work for an organization where I may utilize my talent, skill and professional experiences for taking initiative for new development projects thereby facilitating the organization in achievements of its ultimate goal of catalyzing improvements in any department. Objectives

    Name : Hira Khurshid Muhammad Qaisar
    Husband's name: Muhammad Qaisar
    D.O.B.: 01-11-1986
    Domicile: Swabi,N,W.F.P. (PAK)
    Iqama No: 2267178842
    CNIC: 16202-1040441-5
    Marital status: Married
    Cell: 00966568716574
    E-Mail: [email removed] Personal

    Universities Division M.ob/
    Total Year of
    passing Certificate/
    Degrees Academic
    Mardan 1st 631/850 2003 S.S.C
    Mardan 1st 730/1100 2005 F.Sc
    Peshawar 1st 357/550 2007 B.Sc

    18 Months of teaching experience in Pasban Model
    School and College Marghuz (Swabi)
    As a Chemistry and Biology teacher. Experience

    Computer literate (Microsoft Office)

    Social work programmed in University of Peshawar. Extra

    English , Urdu , Pashto , Arabic(Learning in progress) Languages

    Hira khurshid Qaisar 30 Jul 2009, 01:02 - Report
  • Too late

    Compare your fascilities with the those in
    other schools who charge the similar fees.

    When moved to new building , it was thaught its going to have better fascilities, but we found that , this change is also for cost cutting.

    Check the school premisses inside so narrow and unclean .. Compare this with Manarat if not many others.

    Its too late , as the school have fired all the good teachers (staff) in the name of cost cutting, Hiring cheap teachers although the fee is raised saying that the costs have raised..

    Now can you make corrections to this?

    1.Hire those good teachers(Staff) due to who the school became famous

    2. Change the school building for better premisses ? If yes when ... I am sure you are going to say you have a huge school buolding planned already somewhere outside

    3. Bring back the staff attitude to normal to that of those nice staff that were fired due to little higher pay..

    The above facts are about Girls's section. which is famous to be too good..

    Boy's section is worst

    Further with fee you arecharing..

    -- What are recreating fascilities you have for kids ?

    -- What fascilities do you have for the kids for playing , sports..

    The small ground like thing and few toys are available in any small nursery who charge less than half of what you charge..

    With all these can you justify the fee?

    Concerned Parent.. 01 Aug 2009, 09:37 - Report
  • good school in riyadh

    with the above mentioned facts in mind, can u pls advice which other schools are multinational and of good standard, that charge same fee as al-rowad...
    thanks for your help

    m3 02 Aug 2009, 11:14 - Report
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