AL Rowad international school Riyadh

  • Hi there,does anyone have any info on Al Rowad International school in Riyadh?How is life in Riyadh for a muslim expat family (ie kids entertainment,sports clubs,price of family accom etc)Thanks

    21 May 2007, 11:12 Sina
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  • me too

    I am going to be moving to Riyadh soon. If you find out any information for me let me know as well. I would like more information on Arabic Emersion schools (if available) or Islamic schools for expats.

    Sorry I do not have any info on the school you are asking about.

    Rahi 21 May 2007, 11:13 - Report
  • 2 late?

    salaams, I've been here in Riyadh from USA for 14 years. I also worked at Rowad. If you're still interested in answers-I'm ready with info!

    Imasoa 29 Aug 2007, 09:49 - Report
  • alrowad

    i'm thinking of moving to saudi. can imasoa give me the background on alrowad?? many thanks.
    my kids have grown up in canada. do you think they can function in this school?

    dodie 17 Sep 2007, 04:29 - Report
  • al rowad

    i'd appreciate any information you can give me about the school. what do you suggest for 12 year old kids who grew up in canada. i'd love them to learn some arabic and religion.

    dodie 20 Sep 2007, 12:46 - Report
  • working for rowad

    I have been offered a job with Rowad school Riyadh. Can you please give me any information on what it is like to work there? what are the children like? My husband will also be working at the school however, he has very little teaching experience.We need some advise about wether to accept this job or not

    Nadia 28 Sep 2007, 01:47 - Report
  • Al-Rowad School

    I've been working at al-rowad school for 9 years. Ive been in Riyadh for almost 11 years. I am from the U.S. If you are looking for a good ISLAMIC, International School, go for Al-Rowad.. Not all schools are perfect in this country but Mashalla Al-Rowad International school really trys its best in everything especially they try to implement Islam in our school.

    LA 08 Dec 2007, 05:38 - Report
  • ALSO,

    By the way, i also have my kids in the school. And Alhamdulila they are happy and I am happy as well. I also love working at Rowad because i feel we are all one good muslim family.

    LA 08 Dec 2007, 05:42 - Report
  • School Website

    I am moving from Canada and little anxious about the Rowad School. Could you link me to school website and other admission requirment.

    Shahid Rana 27 Dec 2007, 02:53 - Report
  • obtaining teaching position in Saudi with out degree

    As Salamu Alaikum I would like to make hijra to Saudi Arabia with My family. However I dont posses any Degree only Tesol,tefl certicates. Does anyone know of any places that hire without degrees?

    ummshayma 27 Feb 2008, 09:12 - Report
  • Job as a teacher.

    I am looking for job as a teacher in Saudia.Do you help me? My E-mail address is [email removed]
    Thank you.

    Abida Sajjad 18 Mar 2008, 06:01 - Report
  • Hey

    Hi LA,

    I am thinking of applying to Rowad for a job. I have a degree in Business Admin - do they even teach those at the high school level. Plus, how is the environment for teachers and the work load. Someone I knew used to work at Manarat Al Riyadh - and they cram you with unnecessary work. I was wondering if its like that there. Thanks. Any input would be highly appreciated.

    Sana 03 Apr 2008, 07:20 - Report
  • lokking for islamic school for student age 12-13 in saudi arabia

    My name is Jawad Robbee. I live in Los Angeles, California, USA. I'm looking for memorize the Holy Quran school for my son age 13 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
    Could you please send me all the information that how can I register for memorize the Holy Quran school in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
    I will be really appreciate your concern.
    Thank you very much. Jazakallah-Khairan.
    May Allah bless the whole Ummah to be able to memorize the Holy Quran.
    You can send it over to this email address: [email removed]
    Jawad Robbee

    jawad robbee 08 Apr 2008, 10:02 - Report
  • contact nformation

    could u plz send me the phone of the school plz email me [email removed] plz plz

    y 09 Apr 2008, 01:47 - Report
  • Does anyone know anything about the Kingdom School, Riyadh?

    I am interested in knowing what the female section of the Kingdom School in Riyadh is like? Also I have not been able to find its website. Can someone please help me?

    Mrs Attia Nadeem 12 Apr 2008, 09:22 - Report
  • hello

    kingdom international school for female section is just EXCELLENT and rowad international school sux and the pricipal is unable to deal with the students, teachers or any admin issue proparlly

    unfortunatly experienced rowad 02 Jun 2008, 11:51 - Report
  • info about alrowad school

    assalaamu alaikum,

    i'm canadian and i recently moved to riyadh.
    i saw the school for myself, it looks good.
    at this point i am looking at registering my kids there.
    i am told that there are american kids at the school.
    the website is in Arabic it is:

    I have also read about the International section of Rowad school, the website is:

    recent move 10 Jun 2008, 09:30 - Report
  • asalamu alaikum

    wat are the gaes of ur kids please?

    someone who unfortunatly experienced alrowad 14 Jun 2008, 12:41 - Report
  • ..

    the ages** it kind of depends on their study level i dont advice it for higher grades at all

    .. 14 Jun 2008, 12:42 - Report
  • do you need a nanny?

    madam or sir,
    do you need a nanny or a housekeeper.
    i want to apply in you.if you are interested
    pls.reply.i'm looking for this job.only for the canadian,british and american family.
    thank you

    marife 14 Jun 2008, 12:49 - Report
  • I went to alrowad

    hello my name is Mohammed dreza, I graduated from alrowad in 2000. I know am almost finished with my batchelors degree in biology, I work for a vitamin manufacturing company. I believe alrowad is an excellent school. If mr fawzy is still working there, have your kids in his class.

    Mohammed dreza 03 Jul 2008, 02:12 - Report
  • Moving to Riyadh need help in finding good school

    I would really appreciate if you email me at [email removed] about a good international schools in Riyadh beside the American and British.

    I have 2 kids going grade 1 and 4. They grown up in Canada with little Arabic.

    I want a school teaches Islam but also have a good management as my kids are used to the Canadian school system.

    Yasser 05 Jul 2008, 07:33 - Report
  • Al-Rowad Int'l School is a Good School

    I am an American and I teach at Al-Rowad Int'l School Girls' Section. The principal is hard working and a fair lady. I can only imagine that the negative poster experienced sour grapes, possibly due to their poor command of the English Language. The primary section is the best place in Riyadh to put your children. The school motto is Fun with Learning. I give my thumbs up to Al-Rowad.

    Mrs. Shari 06 Jul 2008, 06:26 - Report
  • Al-Rowad school

    How much is the tuition for primary section?
    Do girls and boys goes to a separate schools?
    My kids do not know Arabic? is this will be a problem for grade 1 and 4?

    Yasser 10 Jul 2008, 04:07 - Report
  • application for appointment as lecturer in chemistry

    It is always been my endeavor to work for a reputed organization with all my skills. I have always tried to deliver my best in the worst situation because of my proactive nature, good communication and presentation skills.

    muhammad javed 15 Jul 2008, 06:42 - Report
  • Looking for school in riyadh

    We just moved to riyadh and looking for a good quality international school
    Afordable fee range is 1000 to 1500 SAR p/month
    can anyone advise which school suits the requirement
    We have 3 kids
    Boy 7 years
    Girl6 years
    Boy 4 years

    Prefferably, same school

    Athar Siddiqui 21 Jul 2008, 08:36 - Report
  • hello

    everybody no one goes to rowad becuase it succcccccks now its very very extreamly bad yes it was great in 2000 bt hello were in 2008 and the school is been going down year by year its atmoshphere is very depressing no on egoes there

    someone who unfortunatly experienced alrowad 25 Jul 2008, 01:08 - Report
  • Hi

    Hi i am a girl 14 years old me and my parents will move to Riyadh soon ,and we are looking for a good school there,we need some info about alghad or AL rowad school.

    best regards,

    rinada 26 Jul 2008, 09:19 - Report
  • Manarat AlRiyadh International School

    I recommend Manarat AlRiyadh International School.
    It's a very high standard school.

    Manarat 27 Jul 2008, 06:47 - Report
  • Manarat

    I am a qualified teacher with over 5 years experience specialising in Maths for KS2. Was considering moving to Saudi with family. I need more info on Manarat in Riyadh and whether it would be the correct move for me.
    Any info then please help
    [email removed]

    noeman 07 Aug 2008, 08:48 - Report
  • Alrowad

    I was a student at alrowad for about 7 years.its a pretty good school to tell you the truth.everyone is friendly.there are some amazing teachers there.might be alittle pricy but it is totally worth younger brother whos in grade 12 is Studying there.theres a wide mix of nationalitys.For More Info Dont hesatate to ask!

    Adam. 12 Aug 2008, 07:09 - Report
  • stop wait listen

    Guys, if you're thinking of moving to KSA just remember that it's saudi first full stop. it is so blatant they will even advertise this way. they believe they are superior and as for islaam, it's a cultural thaing.
    Their sums are dogdy and they will hold your money in order for you to be controlled. practice how to beg before you go out there, it will come in handy. SELF INFLICTED SLAVERY.

    Earthling 13 Aug 2008, 04:45 - Report
  • really!!!

    I can't agree more with you earthling, this year teachers ran from saudi arabia(al rowad) It's a shame the brothers who are over there don't warn and prepare anyone. they themselves are probably alright because they never had much going on in Europe in the first place and so turned to KSA, there, all they do is go Mcdonalds.ironic!! They also get to become lecturers with basic qualifications like celta or the like and i think the status gets to their head. generally wahabbis finding somewhere they call home, nodding their head to a shake they don't even understand. good or bad, how can you tell, well theres their attitude and character. APPALLING

    Asr 'salems lot' 13 Aug 2008, 04:53 - Report
  • Rowad School

    I am a Pakistani-American and would like to know about Rowad school; especially the standard of their high school (grade 9-12). Anybody, please advise me as to their quality of teachers, standard of education, syllabus for preparing students for SAT's; or any other relevant info. My email address is [email removed].

    Mujib 17 Aug 2008, 08:07 - Report
  • Salam I need your Assistance

    Salamun Aleykum;

    Im Abdallah from TOGO.Im 24 years.I got my Alevel in 2004 but no support and I won't start the Undergraduate studies.I got your email by google.Togo is a French speaking country.Im a member of SPE- Society Of Petroleum Engineer

    I would like to come to your country to study Engineer field.I need your help.Im not rich and my father is very ill with diabetes.He can not support me

    Incha Allah I will read you.My email is [email removed]


    Abdoulaye Nafiou koukoura

    KOUKOURA Nafiou Abdoualye 17 Aug 2008, 06:32 - Report
  • apply 4

    my name is muritala 4rom nigeria i am amuslim i lke 2 stdy my education carrier riyad can u help me [email removed]

    iyanda muritala 22 Aug 2008, 02:18 - Report
  • employment

    I am looking for a job for my mother at the Rowad School .please could you send yyour email address to [email removed]

    Marlon 02 Sep 2008, 09:24 - Report
  • I'ld like to join your staff

    Salamo 3alikom,i'm interested to join your staff,i heard a lot about it and iwould really be honoured to work there .I'm a pharamacist and i graduated from Cairo University 2004.
    If anyone is interested i can send my CV
    email:[email removed]

    Rowida galal 05 Sep 2008, 12:33 - Report
  • very simple is that i wanna serve in the school as an english teacher cum administrator

    for the last two months i have been living in Al Riyadh and wanna chance to serve in the school bcoz i have an ample experience of teaching and administration of a group of personal in Pakistan.
    if possible give me a chance

    01 4157396

    Kaisar Jawed 05 Sep 2008, 02:13 - Report
  • looking for help

    i am moving to Riyadh from malaysia soon. I want to ask you that there is an entry exam of every int'l school there. so, they will look at that only or they want to see the final exam results as well.
    My son exam is in Oct but i heard that there entry exam also in oct so it is impossible for me to cope with both of these exams same time.

    I dont know that to which exam i shud give priority? and will al rowad or al manarat school will take his entry exam late in Nov..

    Can anyone help me in this regard. Thank you

    Dr Huma 06 Sep 2008, 07:23 - Report
  • contact

    Do anyone has a contact number for al-rowad school?

    Hour 13 Sep 2008, 01:47 - Report
  • Looking for working at your school

    Dear al Rowad school:
    my name is rania al shawish, I am moving from jeddah to Riyad and i am looking for a school for me as a teacher and my daughters as a students.
    you will find below a copy for my C.V, Please contact me if i have any apportunity to work at your school.

    Curriculum Vitae
    Rania Talal Al-Shaweesh

    Personal details
    Name: Rania Talal Al-Shaweash
    Date of birth: 1975
    Nationality: Jordanian
    Marital status: Married
    Address: Jeddah-KSA
    Mobile: 0500457221. Home: 02/6686055
    E-mail address:[email removed]
    B.SC.Degree in Biology, University of Jordan, 1998.

    *Arabic (tongue language)
    *English (very good)

    *Teaching science (in general) and biology to all grades.
    *Supervise science laboratory.

    Other skills
    Very good knowledge in computer skills (writing and typing exams, work
    sheets, and any kind of paperwork design, preparing lessons on PowerPoint.

    Work experiences
    1*Dubai National School (from 22nd of September 2001 to the 26th of June
    Work as a science laboratory supervisor for all grades, so I was responsible
    for all lab experiments (physical, chemical, biological and general science
    experiments from grade 4 up to 12), and a substituted science teacher for grades 4,5 and 6 in different time during the educational year.

    Resigned from the job due to the relocation of my husband’s job from Dubai to Jeddah.

    2* New Millennium School (Jeddah) (8th of September 2004 to the 1stof
    June 2005):
    Work as a science and math teacher for grades one, two and three for American education (Harcourt system).

    3* Zahrat ALSahra’a International School (ZSIS) Jeddah (10th of September
    2005 to the 5th of April 2006):
    Work as a science teacher for grades three and four for American
    education (scottforesman system)

    4* AlHamra School, Jeddah, (30th of September 2006 to the 24th of
    February 2008):
    Work as a science teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6. (Scottforesman system).

    5* AlHamra School, Jeddah, (24th of February 2008 up to date:
    Work as acting head teacher of science for grades 1-9, plus my duties as
    a science teacher for grades 4, 5, and 6.

    Resigned from the job due to the relocation of my husband’s job from Jeddah to Riyad.

    Further information upon your request

    Rania Talal AlShawish 13 Sep 2008, 02:05 - Report
  • Looking for good international School

    I am interested in looking fog a good internation school fot My son olds 5.5 year, please guys if you can help me with the best schools that matched with my requirment and my financial situation

    [email removed]

    Abu Muhannad 14 Sep 2008, 11:17 - Report
  • education for my daughter

    I am moving to riyadh next month. my daughter is three years old. is there any nursery that takes children at this age

    safoorah 16 Sep 2008, 08:27 - Report
  • Fees at AlRowad

    Hi. I have read all the comments but I have not seen any response regarding school fees at Al-Rowad.Could anybody advise me on the annual school fees for primary level

    Sheham 03 Oct 2008, 02:25 - Report
  • info about rowad intl school

    iam moving to riyadh with kids and would like to know about al rowad intl school and minarat school if any one has some details about these schools pls let me know



    sadiq iqbal 04 Oct 2008, 02:56 - Report
  • Schools

    I have moved to Riyadh from Saudi and i wanted info regarding international schools in riyadh,like manarat and rowad and king adul aziz schools.Im looking for fees upto 1000 riyals.I cant even find the website of Manarat!!Does it have one i want info regarding nursery or KG of Manarat.Can anyone recommend a good school,other than manarat or the others mentioned above.

    Noor Asad 06 Oct 2008, 06:37 - Report
  • Please help

    My husband and I have both been offered work at the British School of Riyadh. Although my daugters have been given places there as part of the package we dont want to send them there. How do we apply to AlRowad and other schools from the UK. If she doesnt get a place at AlRowad where else can i apply. Jazakullah
    [email removed]

    Moona 08 Oct 2008, 09:52 - Report
  • I need EsL job at Al Rowad international schools

    I hope to join The English team at the prosperous,fabulous schools"Al Rowad",I have long experience of teaching,training and mentoring overseas"kSA,USa,Egypt and Middle East" at colleges,centres,international and language schools,Egyptian,near -native proficiency in English,have Ba general English,delta,Tesol,post graduate studies in English,technology from USA Universities,more than 20 English cert in different areas"USAID and Monetary fund"
    best regards
    Email:[email removed]

    Hamed Ahmed 08 Oct 2008, 10:22 - Report
  • pl reply quick

    i am offered a job as a KG teacher in jeddah manarat, what salary should i expect? pl reply quick. i am a graduate with v good english.

    sarah 12 Oct 2008, 02:12 - Report
  • looking for a good school

    my family and i will son be relocating to riyadh from south africa. my son is 3 turning 4 and he's been in the montessori system since the beginning of the year.
    Does anyone know of authentic montessori schools in riyadh or any other good schools that could cater for our son?

    Rayhaana 12 Oct 2008, 08:00 - Report
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