Al Manarat School in Al Khobar

  • Assalamu'alaikum

    I am a British Muslim expat moving to Al Khobar from Sharjah this month. Please let me know your opinion of Al Manarat School, both Arabic and English section. All opinions welcome. Thank you.

    03 Aug 2008, 07:43 Um Bilal
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  • Edexcel

    Hi there, i am Ahmad alGhamdi and it is nice to know you, i am studying in the GCE program under Edexecl Board, and i may need to move to saudi, so i am wondering if the ur school (jeddah) does support the edexcel board or that is just gives examintions for CIE, by the way i think manarat schools are wonderful, as i am studying in Jordan's manarat

    Ahmad al Ghamdi 14 Aug 2008, 12:45 - Report

    It Sux :P

    Agent 47 16 Aug 2008, 11:47 - Report

    Wa'alaykom Al Salam,
    I'm a british student as well, I've been studying IGCSE's there for the past 2 years.
    To be honest, I can tell you that the teaching was pretty good and they are considered one of the best offering the british curriculum.
    However, this year 3 teacher 'legends' resigned. The whole school's reputation was based on those 3 and another teacher. That made the school fall bad.. real bad. If you are able to pay more, I would recommend either British School (for the british curriculum) or Dhahran Academy (American & Brit. SAT's mostly).
    Luckily, I just moved to England. And escaped the awfully hot and humid country. If theres something that would stop you from going to KSA, its FREEDOM, where they have no idea what it means. TRUST ME, you will regret the moment you decided to move there.

    Good Luck!

    Mohamed Darwish 17 Aug 2008, 12:00 - Report
  • bad choice


    i totally agree wid darwish.. im a canadian student studying in manarat for the past 10 years... since the day i stepped into manarat the first time, ive seen nuthin but decline... the most experienced teachers, who taught in manarat for more than 20 years, have resigned... id recommend hussan academy... not as pricy as dhahran academy.... if ur looking for an arabic medium skool... u shud chek out dhahran ahliya...

    Khalid Aleem 17 Aug 2008, 12:09 - Report
  • salary

    i am offered a job as a KG teacher in jeddah manarat, what salary should i expect? pl reply quick.

    sarah 12 Oct 2008, 01:53 - Report
  • manarat school

    I am a student 7A in manarat al-khobar english and it rocks

    abdullah mohammad ismail yasawy 03 Nov 2008, 12:30 - Report
  • school in jeddah

    I am Indonesian muslim expat moving to Jeddah next month. I need to find good school for my 7 years old son,both in religion and its curriculum. anybody can give comments about al-manarat and al-waha? thank you.

    dicky 03 Nov 2008, 03:45 - Report
  • islamic school

    i'm looking for an islamic school for my children in dhahran and ras tanura. please give me some information about it. thank you

    umi daffa' 28 Nov 2008, 04:23 - Report
  • Pakistani schools

    Have someone info about pakistani schools in Al Khobar and Dammam.
    plz tell me on the following e-mail Id..
    [email removed]

    Sohail 15 Jan 2009, 07:34 - Report
  • Looking for a school

    I am moving to Jeddah. I am looking for decent english medium school.

    Jabran 26 Jan 2009, 01:32 - Report
  • Best Arabic Private Scholls in Khubar

    Hi All
    Would really appreciate any help to know the available Arabic private schools in Khubar along with recommendations if any!
    *For girls KG & Primary*

    Abu Haya 29 Jan 2009, 04:53 - Report
  • art

    ahmed sami It's GO

    ahmed sami AL flath 31 Jan 2009, 02:08 - Report
  • salary

    you should expect two thousands if u r Saudi

    mohamed 03 Feb 2009, 12:28 - Report
  • islamic international school in jeddah

    Hi.... I'am indonesian muslim expat moving to jeddah for next three month. I need to find good islamic international school for my chilldren, 5 and 8 years old. Can anybody help me?. Please reply to my email: [email removed] Thank you

    soesi 05 Feb 2009, 05:57 - Report

    I am a brirish student who is in Manarat khobar.The teaching at manarat khobar is very good, but the school hires non-muslim teachers when they can hire muslim teachers. I can say that I am happy to be taught in a school that has some native british teachers.

    Abdullaah Abbas 05 Feb 2009, 03:42 - Report
  • Manarat Jeddah and Riyadh Girls School Alumni

    I studied from KG till 5th grade in Manarat Riyadh, then from 5th to 10th in Manarat Jeddah Girls school. All I can say is that they were simply the best years of my life. The teachers were one of a kind, they came from different countries and were experts in their fields. They taught you for life,not just to pass the year, i can still remember alot of the things i was taught there. The lessons they taught us were not only in our rich cirriculum, but in life. There were plenty of activities but while other schools like the continental had better facilities and activities, Manarat had better moral and religious values. The friends I made there are lifetime friends, that come from different baclgrounds.
    Unfortunately as i was leaving its level was declining as the good teachers and administrators were leaving, but i have been away for 9 years, so i dont know wht has happened since.
    If anyone knows a website for the school please let me know ([email removed])

    Iman Akef 06 Feb 2009, 01:01 - Report
  • ddfrhbhy4tr431t

    bab sskol

    t54y3 07 Feb 2009, 07:13 - Report

    I am an Australian Muslim and recently I have been given an offer to teach as faculty (Assistant Prof.)at PMU in Al-Khobar. Can any one give me an idea on how much monthly salary I will ask for (they offered USD 3,500)as I have to support my 12 years child son who is willing to get enrolled in British Int. School in Al-khobar. Can I save at least USD 2,000 pm to repay my mortgage in Australia?

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone help me know the information.

    Best regards

    Abu Raghib

    Abu Raghib 17 Feb 2009, 09:33 - Report
  • Reply to Abu Raghib for saving

    Dear Abu Raghib, Welcome to Saudi Arabia $ 3500 basic is decent offer. Make sure hey are providing you with housing, transportation medical and yearly vacation with ticket also. Then you can save $2000/month if you do not spend much on eating and visiting Bahrain.

    Arshad 17 Feb 2009, 03:35 - Report
  • HOD at manarat khobar

    Does anyone know anything about the islamia part of manarat in khobar. And who the HOD is?

    Interested 20 Feb 2009, 02:08 - Report
  • teaching position

    Assalam u alikum

    I am Ahmed Raza from pakistan looking for a position of teaching English anywhere in Saudi Arabia. Now i am in Thailand completing TESOL certification from TEFL International.
    I know Arabic Language as well. I have masters in islamic studies with 3 years english teaching experience.
    Please let me know if you want an english teacher in your school. My email address is [email removed].
    I will look forward to see you soon

    Allah Hafiz

    Ahmed RazA 04 Mar 2009, 07:45 - Report
  • Looking for school in Khobar to my Doughter

    My doughter is finshing KG2 by June and we are searching for a decent School that has both English and Arabic ccurriculum

    Please advise?

    Fadi Abdo 04 Mar 2009, 09:28 - Report
  • lol


    lol 09 Mar 2009, 08:44 - Report
  • Education in KSA is generally corrupt

    Hi, I'm a teacher at Manarat, and education is all an act, these are not schools these are businesses, their main focus is on making money.Manarat as in most other international schools here in KSA has a 100% pass rate, because its not good for Business when your clients kids fail to make the grade.So if your kid does well at school it means absolutely nothing because whether you achieve 100% or 2% you still recieve the highest grade

    lexington 18 Mar 2009, 05:52 - Report
  • Al-Manarath, Al waha-Jeddah

    I am Indian muslim expat moving to Jeddah next month. I need to how good is Manarath/Waha ,both in religion and its curriculum. Can anyone give comments about al-manarat and al-waha? Appricate your Comments -thank you

    Mariyam Quddos 19 Mar 2009, 10:01 - Report
  • Let me bash the school a bit.

    I'm a student from Manarat Al-Sharqiyah (Arabic Section) And in all honesty the education has really gone down hill. You can tell the teachers don't feel like teaching and they don't teach very well. The kids there are racist, the English Section and the Arabic section fight with each other. For no reason. They just like to fight.

    It was a good school 5 years ago. Now it just sucks. All the good teachers are gone. The rotten ones are still here.

    They changed the location of the school. To an even worse building. I couldn't believe it. Me and my friends were excited to be going to a different building but it turned out to be horrible.

    What else can I say? Oh yes. trying to be an individual is wrong at our school.
    The uniforms are disgusting. The highschoolers look like they're in KG.

    The English section uniforms are better than ours. (We're jealous)

    Student 27 Mar 2009, 07:28 - Report
  • Reply

    there is no proper islamia department at manarat al-khobar. Mr.Abbas (who is HOD for biology) is teaching islamic studies.

    Saad 09 Apr 2009, 10:11 - Report
  • Job in Manarat

    Assalaamu 'alaykum,

    There is a posibility of moving to one of the manarat schools in Saudi. I currently leave in England and work as a maths teacher. What do I expect for my salary and can I negotiate?

    Abdulhakim 13 Apr 2009, 03:19 - Report
  • how much salary to ask

    I am a Canadian femal living in Khobar. My husband has sponsered me. I have been offered a job at an adult education centre as a teacher to run conversation circles for local Arabic students. They are offering only SR3000.00. How come its so low? Are they ripping me off, how much can I negotiate.

    Teresa 17 Apr 2009, 03:47 - Report
  • Manarat School

    This is good school in teaching. Still there are old teachers. New experienced teachers are coming in manarat. This year in Girls Section many teachers joined as Mrs. Erum Tanveer, Mrs. Sabira, Mrs. Rizwana and Mrs. Saima. All are very good and nice teachers. They all are experienced. But if u go according to facilities and infrastructure then i will be sorry to say that it is not the best school.
    Anyways if u want to study then come manarat.

    Student of Manarat 19 Apr 2009, 10:32 - Report
  • Working in PMU

    I am already living in al khobar. I applied for a teaching position as a math instructor, i have a master degree from the american university with 5 yrs of experience. do any one know if there is vacancies in the girls section? when will they replay? and how much salary should i expect?

    R.D 23 Apr 2009, 12:19 - Report
  • a no-no

    While the teachers mean well, some ,er... MOST of them do not put in much of an effort. It is not uncommon to see an unattended class outside on the field because the teacher that is supposed to be teaching them isn't there.

    Another problem is the students. The atmosphere in the english section is... uneasy, seeing how there are so many spitfights, fistfights, verbal abuse, and mistreatment going on. There is no proper action against this, and the mistreatment of anothers property will only get you a lecture.
    The classes are overrun by power, seeing as how the princes hold a key role in how the class will act. One common irk is that students are often found ditching class, and spending classtime in the hallways.

    The school is poorly kept. In our class, there are ketchup stains on the walls, white marks on our chalkboard, and there is always filth on the ground. The schools level of tecnology and utilities is low, seeing as how there are no whiteboards, the computers are not running on a network, students aren't allowed to use computers for research, nor CAN they due to lack of internet, and the chairs and desks are all damged or vandalised in some way.

    The school isn't teaching what they ought to be, considering the amount of money they take for a fee, and they cover all the topics too quickly, without any stopping to ensure that all students are understanding the concepts.
    I was just in a canadian PUBLIC school, and all the problems above are none to be seen, and the school also has lack of some problems that I didn't mention.

    All in all, i ought to say shame on you Manarat, shame on you. I didn't compose this "essay" because I'm one of those who always misbehave, or achieve low grades. In fact, I'm a top student in the middle grades, concerned about the place where I am studying. I haven't even been here for long, and my parents are looking a new school even as we speak. The only reason I came here instead of, say, Sa'ad, is because I am a Saudi citizen that is none too fluent in Arabic. The staff at Manaraat ought ot work harder to bring the school back to its' former glory. At this point, I can only think of two teachers who are putting out an honest effort at trying to stabilize the school. And they're doing better than the principal himself.

    A manarat pupil 26 Apr 2009, 08:13 - Report
  • To Manarat Girls English Section Students


    How about the teaching and school atmosphere in the younger ages like KG and grades 1-3 in the girls english section? Is it good? i am planning to enroll my daughter there because manarat schools teaches Islam, right?

    But the above comments make me think that I would prefer BISAK or IPS.

    Abdullah in Khobar 10 May 2009, 03:18 - Report
  • i want to know best school.313

    dear friends .i read all the articles above which gave me scary concept of manarat.
    i want a school for my son whr he get english arabic quran .islamic knowlede good.
    plz email me [email removed]

    313 13 May 2009, 06:16 - Report
  • Schools and Poilitics

    Dear Teachers,
    If you are looking for a job in schools I would suggesst you to please complete a dimploma or degree in political science as well due to day by day increasing poilitics (played by admin and teachers in the schools).Allah gives substinence to all then why do these teachers have to play politics to pull each others legs.Well any money earned like this is totally harm in which you are becoming a source to remove a person from a job. The politics played by teachers in these schools in really cheap and discusting.These teachers are using different tricks to remove other teachers from a job.The standard of schools in coming down day by day.Please b scared of Allah.Money is for few days but your deeds are forever.This msg is not only for schools but for all the people who are working in different sectors males or females.

    Please dont make schools a center of politics.

    WEL WISHER 21 May 2009, 11:11 - Report
  • Manarat

    I advise you not to send your son or daughter to almanaarat since it is very badly managed and education wise. You cannot even understand the English teachers. They higher people who accepts low salaries like SR1000 per month and they cannot get any good educators for that amount. Also, the school is very dirty and you will not accept your dog to be there health wise.

    mohammad khayaat 27 May 2009, 06:07 - Report
  • M.Phil Chemistry

    I m Saima Zuhrab from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan. Now i m here in Al-Khobar (near Dossary hospital) living with my husband. I have done M.Phil i.e MS in Organic Chemistry from Quaid-i-Azam university.
    I want to serve an organization where I could utilize my skills & knowledge & thereby, commit to excellence in making the organization more progressive & reputable in respective field(Inshallah).

    If it is possible please give me information about related job if avalaible any where in Dammam or Khobar. Thanks alot.

    saima zuhrab 31 May 2009, 12:46 - Report
  • i am looking only 4 IGCSE & SAT teachers !!!

    Its New English Language Center ! I Am Looking 4 A Teachers Any Subjects But Only Igcse & Sat Call Me ( Sharaf 0594272575 )
    beter teachers 4 - English language as a scound language !!human BIO.. !!as Math !!! Arabic !!! only 4 IGCSE !!! pls never call me or email me if u r not teaching IGCSE !! sharaf ([email removed])([email removed])

    sharaf ( 0594272575 ) ( 0591951861 ) 06 Jun 2009, 05:31 - Report
  • I want to teaching job in DHAHRAN,DAMAM,ALKHOBER,RIYADH,JEDDAH.

    I want to teaching job in the subject of mathematics,english and islamyat of primary section.
    I live in pakistan.I do fsc(pre-engeniering).I have 2 years experiance in LAHORE school and 12 years experiance in both LAHORE AND KARACHI
    NOW in this time i live in KARACHI and do also job in ISLAMIC INSTITUTE FOR EDUCATION.
    I want to came in SAUDIA ARABIA with my husband.
    I request you to please provide me a job in these cities.If you want to call me please inform my e-mail address [email removed]
    thanking you.

    NAUREEN ASHFAQ 28 Jun 2009, 11:59 - Report
  • looking for job in jeddah

    i want to job in jeddah
    saudi telecom company
    i am lineman in pakistan telecomunication company limited
    but my experience in building superwiser
    renovation mentinence work in PTCL
    sir i request u provide me a job as per my qualification
    thanks my mail address
    [email removed]

    M KAMIL KHAN 29 Jun 2009, 12:06 - Report
  • Job for lecturer in Biology

    Iam female from Pakistan. I have done M.phil in biology from a pakistani university. Want to get job in any school or university in saudia. Is there any job available in saudia related to my qualifications send me info on my id [email removed]. Thanks.

    Samreen 30 Jun 2009, 07:21 - Report

    Like the Australian Muslim Abu Raghib, I am also been offered a facility position at PMU as Instructor. I also don’t have any idea that how much salary I can demand. I have a master degree with 05 year teaching experience. If any body from PMU facility or any other person who can advice me in this regard.
    [email removed]


    saqlain 08 Jul 2009, 08:53 - Report
  • Guide me plz

    Like the Australian Muslim Abu Raghib, I am also been offered a facility position at PMU as Instructor. I also don’t have any idea that how much salary I can demand. I have a master degree with 05 year teaching experience. If any body from PMU facility or any other person who can advice me in this regard.
    [email removed]

    saqlain 15 Jul 2009, 06:46 - Report
  • Working in PMU

    Like the Australian Muslim Abu Raghib, I am also been offered a facility position at PMU as Instructor. I also don’t have any idea that how much salary I can demand. I have a master degree with 05 year teaching experience. If any body from PMU facility or any other person who can advice me in this regard.
    [email removed]

    saqlain 15 Jul 2009, 06:52 - Report
  • Looking for a school in Al Khobar

    Dear Sir,

    ISA I will move to Al Khobar very soon and I need to Inquiry about some details for my kids, for example only School fees, system of study (American or English), number of terms, …….etc
    If you please give me your feedback or phone number to contact u.


    Maged Aggour 18 Jul 2009, 08:29 - Report
  • Looking for a school in Al Khobar

    Al- Salam Alaykoum
    Dear Sir,
    Sorry I forgot to send my e-mail for the previous mail [email removed]
    ISA I will move to Al Khobar very soon and I need to Inquiry about some details for my kids before joining the school, for example only School fees, system of study (American or English), number of terms, …….etc
    If you please give me your feedback or phone number to contact u.
    Maged Aggour
    [email removed]

    Maged Aggour 18 Jul 2009, 08:35 - Report
  • My view

    well, it all depends on your related qualifications and experiences. Being a native is attracting to them, but isn't enough.. I think you should ask for 4000 for a start or 3000 plus a 10% of profits.
    [email removed]

    Munif Bajamil 25 Jul 2009, 12:41 - Report
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