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  • While the teachers mean well, some ,er... MOST of them do not put in much of an effort. It is not uncommon to see an unattended class outside on the field because the teacher that is supposed to be teaching them isn't there.

    Another problem is the students. The atmosphere in the english section is... uneasy, seeing how there are so many spitfights, fistfights, verbal abuse, and mistreatment going on. There is no proper action against this, and the mistreatment of anothers property will only get you a lecture.
    The classes are overrun by power, seeing as how the princes hold a key role in how the class will act. One common irk is that students are often found ditching class, and spending classtime in the hallways.

    The school is poorly kept. In our class, there are ketchup stains on the walls, white marks on our chalkboard, and there is always filth on the ground. The schools level of tecnology and utilities is low, seeing as how there are no whiteboards, the computers are not running on a network, students aren't allowed to use computers for research, nor CAN they due to lack of internet, and the chairs and desks are all damged or vandalised in some way.

    The school isn't teaching what they ought to be, considering the amount of money they take for a fee, and they cover all the topics too quickly, without any stopping to ensure that all students are understanding the concepts.
    I was just in a canadian PUBLIC school, and all the problems above are none to be seen, and the school also has lack of some problems that I didn't mention.

    All in all, i ought to say shame on you Manarat, shame on you. I didn't compose this "essay" because I'm one of those who always misbehave, or achieve low grades. In fact, I'm a top student in the middle grades, concerned about the place where I am studying. I haven't even been here for long, and my parents are looking a new school even as we speak. The only reason I came here instead of, say, Sa'ad, is because I am a Saudi citizen that is none too fluent in Arabic. The staff at Manaraat ought ot work harder to bring the school back to its' former glory. At this point, I can only think of two teachers who are putting out an honest effort at trying to stabilize the school. And they're doing better than the principal himself.

    A manarat pupil 26 Apr 2009, 08:13 - Report
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Al Manarat School in Al Khobar

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