i need an assistance

  • Dearest One,

    After much consideration and prayer i have decided to send you this mail because i believe you can be of assistance,As I am The only daugther of my father, late Mr paul jones from Zulu in Republic of South Africa (SA) I am 22 years of age.

    My father was a wealthy Cocoa and Gold merchant in South Africa before his untimely death.After his business trip to Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire, to negotiate on a Cocoa bisuness. A week after he came back from Abidjan, he was assassinated with my mother by unknow assassins. Which my mother died, instantly but my father died after five days in hospitals, on
    that faithul afternoon.

    I didn’t know that my father was going to leave me after I had lost my mother. But before he gave up the ghost, it was as if knew he was going to die. He my father, (MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE) he disclose to me that he deposited the sum of $10,500,000 US Dollars ( ten million five hundred
    thousand Dollars) in a security company in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

    That the money was meant for his cocoa business he wanted to invest in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire through,according to my father he deposited the money in a trunk box, but declared it as Ivory, and family belonging. He simple handed me the key of box and the certificate of deposit and the agreement made with security company, and instructed me to seek for a life time investment abroad.

    Right Now I am in Abidjan COTE D' IVOIRE to locate where the security company is and I have succeded in locating the securiry company here
    in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and also confirmed the item with most honest and confidential. I want you to assist me in clearing this fund and transfer into your care overseas as a beneficiary of the fund, and also use it for an investment purpose.I am honourably seeking for your assistance in the following ways.

    (1)To assist me to clear this fund from the security company and transfer to your care successfully.
    (2)To serve as the guardian of this fund since I am a girl of (22)yrs.
    Now I am siliciting for your assistance to help it in lift this money in your country. Because this is my only hope in life.

    Awaiting anxiously to hear from you so that we can discuss the modalities of this transaction.
    Please if this proposal is acceptable,please do contact [email removed]

    Thanks for your kind attention and mutual understanding.
    Looking forward to hear from you immediately.

    Best Regards
    sandra jones

    sandra jones 22 Jun 2008, 11:30 - Report
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