can t sleep and think

  • i can t sleep and i think alote aboute my daugthers ,, i cry all the time.
    now i take fluoxetine a half tablet at night before sleeping .what do you think about this medicin??? thanx

    20 Jun 2008, 03:55 maria
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  • Can't Sleep

    Hi Maria

    Try and stay off medication if you can. Have you tried ARMS OF MORPHEUS. It's this amazing audio CD that you play in the background when you're trying to sleep that sends you off to sleep. I bought one recently from Amazon after months of not being able to sleep properly and now I'm sleeping like a baby. It get's your mind off the problems that are keeping you awake and sends you into a really deep sleep. You should try it.

    Mike Blunt 06 Aug 2008, 12:38 - Report
  • antidepressants in KSA

    I read here that antidepressants are not available in KSA, is this true?

    Gord Bonekamp 18 Aug 2008, 06:55 - Report
  • offer my shoulder

    Hi maria,
    I offer you my shoulder you can put yr head on it and relax. wish i can comfort you caress you.
    a kind guy in jeddah

    tj 08 Oct 2008, 11:04 - Report
  • dont worry! this is LIFE! the real life.!

    try to keep in touch with the always atleast3rice in a week or if possible daily 2 3 times.!!

    u dont how much i miss my life.! i miss my girl.! who went for her higher education!

    this life.!! we cant ge all hapiness.!! just try to be in the correct track ask god to help us all.! think beautiful.! Watch beautiful sceaneries, go for walking in the morning, keep some good brainy excercise etc.!!

    it wil help u a lot.! may god bless u.!and let him shower his blessing all over this beautiful planet.!

    shib 13 Feb 2009, 01:37 - Report
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    Sajid Rehman

    sajid rehman 30 Mar 2009, 02:56 - Report
  • ......

    try other methods , believe me Medicines won't do any good to you ,, it's all Sychology

    they make you Think that u are ok and healthy once u take the tablet ,,, !

    M. dr@ma 02 Aug 2009, 12:12 - Report
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