Factory Worker -Passed EPS-KLT Exam from Nepal with 56%

  • Dear Sirs/Madam
    I can do any kind of job as worker in manufacturing, construction, Agriculture, Service and Fishery industry in any City of south Korea. please contact me via mail… my mail address is [email removed] or [email removed].
    I have Passed EPS-KLT Exam from Nepal with 56%(Securing : Reading : 48 , Listening : 64)
    .I have finished my medical test. I am mentally & physically fit for work and I have not any bad record in police department. I am fit to go to South Korea. My all documents have already gone to Korea in Human Resource Department. You can view my name (Bijay Kumar Sahu ,S.N- 741 )in this HRD roster list( http://www.epsnepal.gov.np/downloads/roster.xls)
    Please view my C.V.



    Date of Birth: 1981-01-31

    Sex : Male

    Nationality : Nepal

    Language Known : I have Passed EPS-KLT Exam from Nepal.(securing - Reading : 48 ,Listening : 64)The other languages known to me are English, Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, & Maithali.

    Permanent Address : Benga-Shiwpur VDC, Ward no.- 6, Dhanusha,Janakpur, Nepal

    Present Address :General Post Box No. 5372
    Koteshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Mobile : +977- 9841264970

    Email Address: [email removed] , [email removed]

    Academic Qualification:
    Level(s) Passing year(AD) Remark
    S.L.C. 1995 2nd Division
    I.Com 1998 2nd Division

    Work Experience:

    1) HIM ELECTRONICS PRIVATED LIMITED, GOLCHA HOUSE, KATHMANDU, NEPAL (from 2001-06-05 to 2003-05-25) as Store Keeper.

    2)HAUMAN ENTERPRISES, KATHMANDU, NEPAL. As Sales & Marketing Assistant ( from 2003-06-01 to the date)

    Duties & Responsibilities:
    © Deal with customers and creditors.
    © Looking potential market to increase the business.
    © Handling all types’ jobs like quotation, delivery note, Purchase order and other office related job.
    © Search and get the new customers and give them satisfaction.
    © Recovery the payment with customers

    1.Operating knowledge of computer (MS word, Excel)
    2.Internet and Email.

    > Drive motorcycle (having valid driving license).


    1. Subhash K. Jhunjhunwala
    Proprietor of Subhash & Co.,
    Chartered Accountants.
    Tel : +977-1-4223722 or +977-1-4257877.

    2.Sukan Shah
    Tel : +977-1-4600855

    Bijay Kumar Sahu 30 Jul 2008, 08:49 - Report
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i need a job要工作

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