Cervecería Santa Bárbara

200 years of beer tradition

Cervecería Santa Bárbara

We visited one of the oldest bars in Madrid to learn how the perfect beer is poured and which tapas should go with it. Mr Gonzalez, the head waiter, answered our questions.

Could you tell us a bit about the history of the bar?

This bar dates back to the year 1815, which means it is one of the oldest in Madrid or even in Spain. As you can see, we maintain the tradition with the way we pour our beer and how we dress.

In the past two centuries, have there been some interesting people who had a beer here?

All kinds of famous personalities have already set foot here: mayors, celebrities, actors, the nobility, politicians... Even the King has been here at the time he was still a prince. This is a traditional place and it is known by many people.

Can you tell us the secret for the perfect beer?

The secret for the perfect beer is the pouring technique. Before we start, we need to wet the glass. In addition it has to be cold, which means you can never put it in the dishwasher. Then we start pouring the beer and as we pour, we let it hit the side of the glass. When the glass is almost full, we stop and from now on we pour it with high pressure. We let it overflow a little, close the tap, clean it and now we have the perfect beer. As you drink, depending on the sips you take, the marks stay on the glass and that is the sign that the beer is good.

Which tapas do you recommend to go with the perfect beer?

We always accompany this perfect beer with our cooked shrimps from Huelva, our Galician cockles, our pickled mussels and the famous potato chips.

Cervecería Santa Bárbara
Plaza de Santa Bárbara, 8
28004 Madrid

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