Expatriate clubs in Spain

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Expatriate clubs in Spain

There’s a wealth of expatriate clubs and organisations in major cities and resort areas catering for all nationalities.

In addition to a multitude of social, sports and special interest clubs, there are also branches of international clubs in most major towns, including Ambassador Clubs, American Women’s and Men’s Clubs, Anglo-Spanish Clubs, Business Clubs, International Men’s and Women’s Clubs, Kiwani Clubs, Lion and Lioness Clubs, and Rotary Clubs. Club listings and announcements are made in English-language and other expatriate publications in resort areas, and many embassies and consulates in Spain maintain lists. Many clubs support local charities.

Most clubs organise a variety of activities and pastimes such as chess, bridge and whist evenings; sports activities and outings; art, music, theatre, cinema and local history outings; informal dances and various other social events.

Some clubs have their own facilities such as a clubhouse, library, bar and restaurant. Annual membership fees vary considerably, e.g. from €10 to €100, and some offer daily, weekly and monthly membership for visitors. Many clubs provide important information for new arrivals, organise free or inexpensive Spanish language lessons, and provide foreign newspapers to keep members in touch with home.

Joining a local club is one of the best ways for newcomers to meet people and make friends in Spain. If you want to integrate into your local community or Spanish society in general, one of the best ways is to join a local Spanish club. Most towns also have social centres for retired people ( jubilados) and pensioners’ clubs ( club de pensionistas) open to residents with a pensioner’s card ( tarjeta de pensionista), available from your local town hall.

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