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The way to find a job in Spain

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Being attracted to Spain by its weather and glamorous lifestyle is laudable but unfortunately does not rate highly as an employment qualification.

But don’t despair. Exposure will vastly improve the opportunities for your career move to the glorious, sun-drenched coast and cities of Spain.

Finding a job anywhere in the world can be a painful and time-consuming experience, and in Spain it can be particularly difficult, especially outside of the major cities where unemployment is high. Exposure is aiming to help skilled jobseekers either in Spain or looking to locate to Spain. A unique online recruitment agency, it has the presence to attract the right people to businesses looking for qualified employees. They provide an innovative service to both companies and job seekers looking for high quality positions in Spain, where the climate allows you to pursue the kind of cosmopolitan lifestyle that many people only dream of or experience when on vacation. “These days, people have a natural ability to move,” says Managing Director Jon Branston. “We attract both European and International candidates who are seeking employment in a more lifestyle led environment.”

Branston launched the Exposure website in 2003 to fill the niche for a comprehensive English-speaking employment service in Marbella. Due to recommendation by word of mouth, what began as a small, local business has progressed into a national enterprise: “Expanding from Marbella to Gibraltar and then on to the rest of Spain was a natural evolution for the business,” Branston says. By September of this year, Exposure will have consultants based in Andalucía, London, Gibraltar, the Costa Blanca, Barcelona and Madrid. It is the only recruitment agency with such a widespread presence in Spain.

One of the many benefits of Exposure is that their dedicated and professional team will go out of their way to help you find the perfect position. Branston explains “We spend time with our candidates to ensure we fully understand their motivations and aspirations for a career change. This ultimately ensures we supply only the best candidates to our clients.” Exposure’s consultants have all lived and worked in Spain for a number of years and are therefore qualified to give the best advice on living and working in Spain or Gibraltar.

Spanish wages are in general less than those in the UK, but you have to remember that the cost of living is less and the lifestyle is undeniably better. “Working in Spain is very different to the hectic pace in Northern Europe. There is always work here, as long as you are willing to be have a flexible mind set. Jobs here tend to have longer hours and the pay is generally less in comparison to countries north of the border. But all in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives. If you are willing to indulge in the Spanish culture, it is definitely worth your while to relocate here.”

As a specialist agency, Exposure concentrates primarily on business sectors such as Sales, Marketing, IT, Real Estate, Accountancy, Law and Customer Service among others. “We recruit business professionals from every level for long-term permanent roles – from secretary to director level,” says Branston. If you are seeking a particularly well-paid job it will drastically help if you are fluent or speak a good level of Spanish. Renowned international corporations, with whom Exposure has successfully placed a number of candidates, operate in English, although they prefer their employees to speak at least two languages. “Primarily, the business language is English,” explains Branston. “It is not necessary to speak fluent Spanish, but conversational Spanish certainly helps.”

Unlike any other agency, Exposure combines two levels of recruitment: employers looking to enhance the quality of their team can place a Job Post so candidates can approach them directly, or alternatively, they can opt to let Exposure manage the whole recruitment process. “We save clients time and money so that businesses can concentrate on what they should be doing: business. We understand that motivated, high-quality staff are very important, even critical, to a business’ success as each individual impacts on its product, service and more importantly, on loyalty. Through our unique screening and personal interviewing processes we can guarantee that all of our candidates are of the highest calibre.”

Recruitment agencies are a very efficient way of obtaining a job. Each year more and more companies are choosing to outsource the recruitment function to employment agencies. Therefore, while there is nothing to stop you from applying directly to companies, it costs nothing to use an agency such as Exposure, who are more aware of the businesses that are currently recruiting than anyone else. If you are looking for a premium job in Spain, without the usual hassles and delays, Exposure has the means to make your dreams of living the Spanish way come true.

Marbella: +34 952 823 446
Barcelona: +34 933 44 33 33
London: +44 870 44 66 400

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