Buy or bring?

What items should you bring to Switzerland?

Buy or bring?

Buying things in Switzerland is expensive relative to most other countries, so kitting out your new home can be pricey. A good way to cut back on spending when you first arrive is to bring some items with you; so take into consideration the cost of transporting them.


Importing your furniture means your new house will feel more like home and you don’t need to purchase new items, but it can be expensive. An international moving company  can move everything for you, ensuring it all arrives in Switzerland safely.

Electrical appliances

You can save money by bringing your electrical appliances (microwave, laptop, beloved coffee machine) with you, but be careful with voltages. If the standard voltage in your home county differs to Switzerland’s, you will need to use a voltage converter .


Importing a car is not cheap but both new and second-hand cars are expensive in Switzerland. You can import a car you have owned for over 6 months duty-free, so - depending on where you are coming from - importing your car can be a more economical option. Find out how to import your car here.


If you are taking any medication, visit your doctor and stock up before you move. Besides saving you a bit of money (insurance does not always cover the full cost), having a good supply will also give you time to find a doctor and sort out your prescription in Switzerland.

Non-prescription medicine is not covered by health insurance and is expensive, so it might be a good idea to bring anything you use regularly with you (e.g. painkillers: paracetamol, aspirin and ibuprofen).

Home comforts

Your favourite food brands may not be available in Switzerland, and if they are, they could easily be double the price. If there are certain sauces, sweets, biscuits etc. you can’t live without, bring some with you; they can be a nice little reminder of home.

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