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From the classical art at the Kunsthaus to street art on the walls of Kreis 4, Zurich is a city that has much to offer to art and design lovers. In this article, myfriendfromzurich has highlighted some of the special things you can do and see in Zurich. Enjoy!

Museum of Design

Museum of Design and Poster Collection

The Museum of Design at the Zurich University of the Arts is Switzerland’s leading design and visual communication museum.

In its collections, the museum preserves stocks of worldwide importance - the Design Collection; the Graphics Collection; the Applied Art Collection and the Poster Collection. Each collection displays many milestones of technical and aesthetic development since the beginning of industrialisation.

Close to the museum, you’ll find the catalog room. This is a real insiders tip. The catalog room happens to have one of the largest collections of graphic design posters worldwide. It can be visited on request only and a very  informative guided tour can be arranged (closed during July and August).
Visit the English website  for more information.


The Dada movement started in Zurich in the early 20th century. The movement involved literature, poetry, theatre and grapic design. It brought many great thinkers to Zurich.

Nowadays you can still see Dada in town: Visit the Cabaret Voltaire  to learn about the history of Dadaism and see what Dada looks like today.

The Rote Fabrik Cultural Center

Alongside the lovely Lake Zurich, is the Rote Fabrik . On the global design scene, it is known for breaking design-rules in the 80’s, and providing a substantial input to poster-design and the music scene. If you like  street art, you’ll definitely find the newest graffiti on the walls around the Rote Fabrik.

This is a perfect get-away from the buzzing city center and offers great concerts, parties and a restaurant with excellent but reasonably-priced organic food.


A Designomat is a conventional cigarette machine, filled with an extraordinarily limited collection of design articles.


Designers from all design disciplines produce small treasures in the format of a cigarette box that are affordable for everyone. One piece costs as little as 8 Swiss Francs,  and is perfect as a gift for yourself or your friends.

You can find Designomats in different locations around town, such as Kafi für dich ,  Z am Park  or  Café des Amis . These are also all lovely places to have a coffee or tasty food.

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