Feeling at home in Zurich

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Feeling at home in Zurich

It always takes time to feel at home in a new city. The easiest way to get the local vibe is to do as the locals do. Myfriendfromzurich has listed five things that will guarantee a smooth start in Zurich.

1. Eat chocolate

Enter any supermarket and eat your way through the range of chocolate. If you’re looking for something special, visit one of the city’s many Confiserie Sprüngli  stores. This traditional confectionery chain is known for their pastry and also has excellent truffles.

2. Buy something made by Freitag

The Freitag brothers make bags, wallets, laptop cases and much more out of used truck canvas. Almost everybody in Zurich possesses an item made by them. Visit the shop at Freitag tower , where you shouldn’t miss the view from the sunny rooftop platform.

3. Jump into Lake Zurich

Seriously. Who needs to go on a holiday when you can jump into the lake in the middle of the city?

Whatever season it is, Seebad Enge  is the best place to do so. In winter, the popular summer bath turns into a sauna. Be brave and jump right in to Lake Zurich after having a long, hot sauna.

4. End the night at Happy Beck

With its many bars and clubs, the Langstrasse is definitely the place to be for night owls. After a long night, go to the bakery, Happy Beck , open 24 hours a day. A double cheese sandwich or hot dog may not be the healthiest choice, but it’s possibly the best strategy to prevent a sizeable hangover the next day!

5. Find a bargain at a flea market

A Saturday in Zurich isn’t perfect without a stroll through one of its flea markets. The two largest markets are held every Saturday from 07:00, at Kanzlei  and Bürkliplatz . In summer, there is also a flea market at Frau Gerolds Garten  which starts at 09:00.

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