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Getting started

Before entering Switzerland you must prepare some documentation if you want to obtain a visa.

Visas and Prerequisites

Foreign nationals require a valid and accepted travel document to enter Switzerland. In addition, a visa is required in certain cases. Furthermore, sufficient funds must be available or procurable by legal means to cover the cost of living during the transit through or the stay in Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Office for Migration (FOM), the Swiss foreign missions and the cantonal migration authorities will gladly provide information on the principal conditions for entry to Switzerland ( ).

Reason and Duration of Stay

Foreign visitors who have entered Switzerland in compliance with the relevant regulations and are not taking up any form of employment require no permit of sojourn if the duration of their stay does not exceed three months. Their stay must not exceed a total of three months within a period of six months. Individuals requiring a visa should observe the duration of stay specified in their visa.

Foreign nationals intending to take up an employment in Switzerland are required to apply for a labour permit. For further information please contact the cantonal migration authority of the future place of work.

Regulations on Registration

Whosoever provides accommodation for foreign nationals against payment is under an obligation to notify the authorities immediately. If foreign nationals are accommodated free of charge, there is no obligation to notify the authorities, subject to generally stricter cantonal provisions. Foreign nationals must report immediately to the cantonal or communal authority in charge if their departure within the period.

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