Sponsorship for long term residence

Regulations on sponsorships

Sponsorship for long term residence

The Swiss foreign missions may declare the issue of a visa dependant on a declaration of sponsorship if the applicant does not have access to sufficient financial funds or if this seems doubtful.

The guarantor engages to meet uncovered costs of up to CHF 30'000.- for living expenses, including accident and illness, as well as for the return trip, which arise for public welfare or private medical service suppliers due to the presence of the foreign national. If a declaration of sponsorship is necessary, the Swiss foreign mission in charge will provide the foreign visitor with the necessary forms and instructions.

An approved declaration of sponsorship provides no claim to the issue of a visa.


The processing of a declaration of sponsorship by the cantonal authorities is subject to a fee. As a rule, this administrative fee is to be paid in advance using a specially supplied deposit slip.

Travel insurance

Regardless of whether a disclaimer has been submitted, the competent authorities require a travel insurance. The minimum coverage of insurance is the equivalent of Euro 30'000.

Further documents (to be specified by the authorities in charge)

On demand the following documents are to be submitted for control purposes of a declaration of sponsorship:

  • Identity papers (Passport, identity card, aliens permit)
  • Proof of solvency (bank account statements, salary statements, tax statements or enforced payment collection register records)

Where to submit the declaration of sponsorship?

The guarantor should submit the declaration of sponsorship to the communal authority in charge (residents‘ registration office, municipal office, etc.) if living in one of the following cantons: Aargau, Basel-Land ,Bern, Freiburg, Graubünden, Schwyz, St. Gallen, Thurgau , Uri, Valais ,Vaud, Zürich.

The guarantor should submit the declaration of sponsorship to the cantonal migration authority in charge if living in one of the following cantons:

  • Appenzell Rodas Interiores: Amt für Ausländerfragen
  • Apenzell Rodas Exteriores: Migrationsamt
  • Basel: Justiz- und Sicherheitsdepartement
  • Geneve: Office cantonal de la population
  • Glarus: Departement für Sicherheit und Justiz
  • Jura, Luzern: Amt für Migration des Kantons
  • Neuchâtel: Service des migrations (SMIG)
  • Nidwalden: Amt für Justiz Stans
  • Obwalden: Amt für Justiz
  • Schaffhausen: Migrationsamt und Passbüro
  • Soleura: Migration und Schweizer Ausweise Ambassadorenhof
  • Tesino: Sezione della popolazione
  • Zug: Amt für Migration (AFM)

Further information: please contact the Swiss Federal Office for Migration.

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