Taiwanese work contracts

Your entitlements as an expat

Taiwanese work contracts

Once employed you will either be on a fixed-term contract (continuous work) or a non-fixed term contract.

Leaving a contract

Conditions for terminating a contract earlier than the agreed date include, but are not limited to reasons such as, natural disasters, multiple absences of a worker, violation of work rules, poor or hazardous working conditions, and failure to pay by an employer. Chapter 2 of Taiwan’s Labor Standards Act fully outlines your rights to terminate a contract early. 


Unless otherwise stated in your contract, wages are usually to be paid at least twice a month. The minimum wage in Taiwan is NT$19,407 per month as of January 1, 2013. Overtime is usually worked out as two hours or less being paid at one-third the normal working rate. 

Working hours, breaks and holiday entitlement

Regular working hours must not exceed 84 hours per two weeks and at least one day per week should be granted as a day-off. A 30 minute break must also be provided for every four continuous hours worked. 

Annual holiday entitlement is assigned by the Central Competent Authority which also states that those who chose to or must work on these holidays should be paid at twice the normal rate.  

Maternity leave

If you have worked more than six months you will be entitled to receive eight weeks of paid maternity leave. If however, you have worked less than six months, maternity will be paid at half the regular rate.

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