Work permits and resident visas in Taiwan

Who needs one?

Work permits and resident visas in Taiwan

Your employer in Taiwan will be required to submit an application and the required documents for a work permit to the appropriate authority. Work permits are valid for a period of up to 3 years and can be extended a further 4 months prior to the expiration date.

Foreign professional work permits

Foreign professionals with occupations that require a professional license such as doctors, lawyers and pilots should apply directly to the CLA  (Council of Labour Affairs) through their employer’s work permits.

Other professionals that should apply to the CLA for work permits include:

  • Technical workers.
  • Senior executives of enterprises in Taiwan invested in or established by overseas Chinese, or foreign nationals with government approval. 
  • School teachers, Full-time foreign language teachers in registered supplementary schools in accordance with the Supplementary and Continuing Education Law.
  • Athletic coaches and athletes.
  • Religious, art, and performing art workers, contract performance workers.
  • Foreign and overseas Chinese students, and students from Hong Kong and Macau.

Foreign sailors need to apply through their employers to the MOTC  (Ministry of Tourism and Communication). While foreign professionals and technical personnel who work in Science Parks and Export Processing Zones are required to apply accordingly through their employer to either the Science Park Administration or the Export Processing Zone Administration.  

Who does not require a work permit?

  • Those married to a national with established residence in Taiwan.
  • Consultants and research workers hired by government agencies and academic research institutions.
  • Lecturers and academic researchers hired by legally registered public and private universities for Ministry of Education (MOE) approved projects and lectures for a period of up to 6 months.

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