Fixed lines

How to get phone line in Thailand

Fixed lines

Fixed telephone lines, dial-up Internet and ADSL broadband are all available in Thailand with varying quality. Some remote rural areas, however, will not have access to some (or even all) of these services.

There are three companies that provide fixed line services in Thailand:

  • TOT (Telephone Organization of Thailand)
  • TT&T (Thai Telephone and Communication)
  • True

The old monopoly TOT still handles most fixed lines in Thailand.

To get a fixed line installed, choose a company that provides sufficient service and support and contact them to get connected. Foreigners who wish to connect a new line must visit one of the providers’ offices. TOT and TT&T provide an English-speaking customer service where English speaking staff can answer your enquiries.

You will have to provide the following documentation to get connected:

  • Passport
  • Valid visa
  • A copy of work permit (if applicable) or Certificate of Residence issued by Thai Immigration or certified Letter of Residence from the Embassy, translated into Thai

After submitting the application, you will usually have to wait for about one to four weeks before your land line is set up.

National and international calls

Once your fixed line is set up, you will be able to make national calls from your fixed line. In order to make international calls, you will have to apply at the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT). The authority will provide you with international dialling access, only after you have paid a sizeable deposit on your fixed line.

Note that the CAT is a government body that authorizes all telephone infrastructure activity. You should not call CAT if you need to install a local phone service. CAT just sets all the rules and regulations, as well as some telephone rates for providers.

Paying bills

Besides the monthly fee, there may be a one-time set up fee for installing a communication service (landlines, mobile lines, internet). Bills are paid monthly, either at your local bank by direct debit, by internet or telephone banking, ATM transfer or at the post office.

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