Making a call

National and international phone calls

Making a call

Most land line numbers in Thailand are 7-digits long, whilst mobile phones tend to be 8-digits long. However, you may find 6,7, 8 and 9 digit numbers too.

Before dialling a land line number, you will have to add 0 (Subscriber trunk dialling) and the area code. The area code for Bangkok is 2. So to make a national call to Bangkok, you would dial 0+2+ the 7-digit number land line number. Other areas have a two digit area code. So to call Pattaya, for example, you would dial 0+38+ the land line number.

Before dialling a mobile number you will have to add 08.

You are usually charged 3 Baht per call to a local land line number. The lowest rates for domestic long distance land line calls are between 10pm and 7am. If you dial 1234 + number, you will be using a new data switching network, and rates will be cheaper than standard rates.

International calls

The country code for Thailand is +66. To dial to a fixed number in Thailand from a foreign country dial: 00 (IAC-International Access Code) + 66 + area code + phone number.

To dial a foreign number from Thailand you will have to dial one of the prefix numbers before you dial the country code. The prefix numbers are 001, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008 or 009. So, to dial to the US you should dial 009 + the country code + area code + the phone number.

To get assistance from an international operator, dial 110.

International calls are significantly more expensive in Thailand than in most industrialised countries. It is often cheaper if your family or friends from your home country call you in Thailand than the other way around.

VoIP calls from Thailand

An alternative to fixed line services in Thailand is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) such as Skype or MSN Messenger. You need to have internet access and the same programme installed as the person you are calling. It is also possible to use VoIP to call mobiles and fixed line phone numbers. Whereas this service is not free, the fees are still cheaper than using a normal phone.

International calling cards

You can also buy international phone cards at 7-11 stores to call abroad from your fixed line. Dial the code you can find on the card followed by the country code (if you are dialling overseas), area code and phone number.

If you do not have access to a fixed phone line you can use public phones, which are accessible in many supermarkets and post offices.

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